IGN: Transformers: The Game Hands-on

It's not hard to pinpoint the exact moment Transformers: The Game showed its promise jogging around the quiet suburb known as Tranquility, the Decepticon Barricade snatched a car out of the street, hurled it into the heavens and watched as the metal machine fell back to earth and slammed through the roof of a nearby building. The side of the structure blew out, the building caught fire and eventually the neighboring buildings began to collapse as the flames jumped to their walls.

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shyam1520074739d ago

Any1 else getting tired ov all these previews? Why dont the sites that r reviewing these games just post a video of the gameplay/review?

M_Prime4739d ago

its called an EMBARGO.. they could post vids but then they would prolly loose all their exclusives as well as other companies wouldn't give them stuff in advance so then we would all be left in the dark

drtysouf214739d ago

not all that excited for the game.

devi8i4739d ago

When was the last time you played a good game from a movie franchise? King Kong? SpiderMan? Enter the Matrix? TMNT?