GameInformer: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review

GameInformer writes: "And you thought Dirge of Cerberus was stupid! The Crystal Bearers is the worst game I have played that bears the once sacred Final Fantasy name. Despite the series' reputation, don't believe for a second there is anything remotely role-playing about Crystal Bearers; it is a generic action game through and through, with a few Final Fantasy monsters tossed in to lure unsuspecting fans.

I had high hopes going into this game. I wasn't a big fan of the previous Crystal Chronicles entries, but I thought that moving away from the co-op centered gameplay toward a single-player, story-driven experience would put Crystal Bearers in territory where Square Enix has more expertise. Instead, players get a mishmash of awful mechanics delivered alongside a predictable and obvious story."

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Xander-RKoS3215d ago

I guess adventure games just don't work on the Wii as well, right GameInformer?

My gosh, don't even need to bother reading this entire review, game informer does a great job and judging games without even playing them...

SpoonyRedMage3215d ago

I just want to point out that he didn't realise that whilst holding an enemy above your head you just point towards your target and tap B to launch them, which is actually essential for defeating the first major boss, which is only around one and a half hours into the game therefore he couldn't have possibly played more than that and that means he doesn't even know how the plot plays out, in fact not even all the characters have been introduced by that point.

...Also you know...the fact that he has a pre-existing bias against the series... and the fact that it's not an RPG is apparently a downside.

EvilTwin3215d ago

Kinda hard to put much stock in a review that says the game's concept is to "Put the final nail in the Crystal Chronicles coffin (I hope)."

...if you want the series to die, I wouldn't expect anything other than a bad review.

Shnazzyone3215d ago

They have their heads so far up their own asses that they can't see where to point their wiimotes.

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