Dante's Inferno: God of War 3 for Xbox 360 Owners

Something out of the ordinary is happening in 2010 – for the first time in some years publishers are taking a chance and packing quarter one with tons of high-profile video game releases. For RPG fans there is Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect 2, action gamers get Darksiders and Army of Two: The 40th Day, and adventure fans get their choice between Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno (PS3 owners also can throw down in God of War III). These are only a few of the big budget titles that will be releasing between January and April of 2010; with so many to choose from it's always nice to get a little hands-on time with the game before forking over the cash for purchase. Thankfully developer Visceral Games and publisher EA Games released a demo for Dante's Inferno just this past week, on the day before Christmas 2009.

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Valkyrie833217d ago

Played both demos, I actually liked GoW3 a bit better than Dante's but it was def. close - something great for 360 owners who don't have a PS3.....

Bungie3217d ago

Bayonetta already crushed both imo

UltimaEnder3217d ago

Oh Dang, I forgot about Bayonetta - demo wasn't nearly as interesting as Dante's but the game is more over the top, and will do great in Japan, not better than Dante's for me!

NotSoSilentBob3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Bayonetta is forgettable game play wise. The only reason it is getting any hype is because 360 fans are Clinging to anything that shows their console is better. The graphics on it are better but yet the graphics on Killzone2 make it look like a Snes game, but Killzone2 graphics are crap right?

3sq3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

No, Bayonetta is a girly game for girls like you. ;)

Edit: Hey Bungie while you at it do the SAILOR MOON posture too. ;)

lociefer3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

its like this GOW3 >>>>>>>Ba yonetta >> Dante

Kamikaze1353217d ago

That's such a fanboy response. I don't own a 360, and even I can admit that Bayonetta is a much better game than Dante's Inferno and combat wise, it's much better than God of War III. Although it's expected since combat is where Bayonetta shines, but God of War shines in everything else, IMO. The story is why I play the GoW games.

Bungie3217d ago

@ Kamikaze135

agree the combat is the best yet and it's the most important thing in Hack n Slash games

also agree with god of war 3 having better story

@ NotSoSilentBob

you sound angry i didn't say anything about better version or Killzone 2 or grafix at all

chillax dude


it's a girly game coz there's a hawt girl kicking arse lol !

deadreckoning6663217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I'll have all three eventually so I don't care which one is "better"
There all different types of action games and they all offer different things.

If Bob likes GOW3, then let him play GOW3.
If Tom likes Bayonetta, then let him play Bayonetta.
If Jim likes Dante's Inferno, then let him play Dante's Inferno

Whats the point of trying to prove which one is better? Each will get a good fanbase and plenty of people will get many hours of fun out of all of them. Whats important is that were all getting great games to play in 2010. Instead of hating on each other for having a "preference" we should be hating on the ignorant people out there who still think video games are only for nerds and the socially deprived.

NotSoSilentBob3217d ago

Go to any website and make a post about Bayonetta being better on the 360 and you will see all the 360 fanboys agree because of the Graphics. Not 1 of them will say the gameplay is better because it is the same thing on each system. That is what 360 fans claim about Killzone2.

Saaking3216d ago

Dante's seems like a good game, but it's definitely a GOW clone. The only thing missing is the epicness and PS3 exclusive quality. Thankfully, PS3 owners don't have to choose as we have the option of getting BOTH. PS3 FTW!

whothedog3216d ago

Bayonetta Bayonetta..... is that the sex/dance dance revolution game?

Haha I kid, I'm not a big fan of those types games(hack and slash), but I do plan on playing some GoWIII, just cause of the gritty and evilness, and I did like the demo. I didn't care for the Bayonetta demo. I just calls em like I sees em, whale biologist.

ABizzel13216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Dante's Inferno God of War 2: Enhanced Edition for 360 owners.

Persistantthug3216d ago

But, what the game is...Dante's Inferno is a rental. What incentive would the game have to own it? There's no multiplayer, and it's an obvious clone of a BETTER game.

God Of War 3, it doesn't have Multiplayer either, but it's part of a collection. That's the sort of EPIC game that you WANT to have in your own personal game collection.

That's just my take.

DaTruth3216d ago

I was blown away by GOW3 demo! The others were just alright. But I had really high expectations of GOW3 and was still blown away! Bayonetta was good for a laugh.

blackpanther253216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

BEATRICE!!!!!! 5 million times while playing the game.
Dante as a character is so lame but the gameplay is pretty kool and i like the skill tree.

on another note: why did dante sew that cross made of clothing into his chest...that makes no sense. Wouldn't he get an infection from it...his chest would be covered with puss but who cares it a game

DarkTower8053216d ago

GOW 3 is going to be great no doubt. I have the Dante's Inferno demo and I LOVE IT! The storytelling and gameplay is epic. Who really cares if it's a GOW clone? Shouldn't we PS3 owners be happy to own both?

As for Bayonetta, I played the demo and it was meh imo, I just don't get the appeal of it. Sometimes demos do a bad job of representing a game so maybe that was it, but as of right now I don't know what there is to like about it. I also don't get why 360 fans defend this multiplat so much, because like I said, IT'S A MULTIPLAT!

People are strange....

boodybandit3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I guess it just goes to show what an amazing series God of War is. I played Dante's and the Bayonetta demos. They were okay and I will definitely give them a rental but to me nothing touches GOW. People that are into GOW knows the game just has it ALL. Kratos is one of the most bass ass characters ever!

I thought Bayonetta's characters in the demo are corny. Bayonetta herself looks and is built weird. I just don't find it appealing but I did enjoy the gameplay.

Dante was pretty much the same. The story was okay and the gameplay was decent. I am a huge hack and slash fan so I am sure I will rent both of them but I doubt I will purchase either.

I have played the GOW3 demo about 50 times already and I just got it yesterday. If it wasn't so late I would play it again right now.

I wish they would remake the entire GOW series in 1080p with the GOW3 graphics engine.

nefertis3216d ago

oh boy this isnt going to end well. Play3beyond

SilentNegotiator3216d ago

I played the demo today. I was freaking BLOWN AWAY.
The Graphics, the combat, the atmosphere.....amazing. Simply Amazing.

Dante's Inferno has decent graphics, decent combat, and the atmosphere is pretty good......overall, it doesn't touch GOW.

As for Bayonetta.....she makes me nauseous. The gameplay was good, but I swear, I couldn't get past that hideous beast I had to control with her over-exaggerated features, tiny head, and wild movements.

Darkspade3216d ago

I play both (well the demo's)Dante's Inferno will be a Very fun Game, GOW3 it's the same old GOW (Updated for sure) I like Dante's Inferno because of a new Story Line, not the same old... Both well be good , Dante's Inferno may jump past GOW because it's release on both platforms.. I did like the demo on ps3 better though. I'll be getting both Day 1

DatNJDom813216d ago

a good game for those that dont have/want a PS3. I played the demo and its really good, BUT for those same people that dont have/want a PS3 im letting you guys/gals know you will be missing one of the best games that will ever come out. Quote me on that.

Skip_Bayless3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Dante's Inferno's quality is like God of War 2 or God of War for the PSP. The graphics look like ass. Obviously you have not played Uncharted 2 because your taste have not matured yet.

3216d ago
Sarcasm3216d ago

God of War is the benchmark for Hack and Slash games to be compared to, as is Ferrari for cars and Zaino for Paint Sealants.

If a game is truly great, it will stand on it's own and need no comparison.

gta28003216d ago

The poor mans God of War lol

Swiftfox3216d ago

I disagree.

While Farrari makes great sport cars and racers, what about 4 door salons? Off-roaders? People carriers? For those areas you would compar them too BMW, Mercaydes, Range Rovers, or Fords.

My point is that while they are all cars its what the car does that stands for the basis of comparison. While Bayoneta and God of War may both be hack n' slash as a means to an end, they are both very different types of hack n' slash.

God of War is a crowd control based hack n' slash, designed to give the player an intense satifaction from meowing down dozens of enemies and larger enemies at the same time. Bayoneta is a door to door singular hack and slash based off an advanced combo system for maximum player customization and performance. They are two different games that are unfairly compared to one another much like you wouldn't compar a Farrari 430 to a BMW M5 or Mercaydes S class.

They deliver different experiences to the player all together. Dante's Inferno can fairly be compared to God of War because honestly it's a straight up clone, designed to give a similar experience. Bayoneta oh the other hand I think is being treated unfairly by both sides of the fanboy war. Some cling to it because of graphics or over hype it as a God of War killer, and the other side dismisses it all together because they are defending their classic. In the end the only one to suffer is Bayoneta which will probably be looked over and forgotten. The same thing happened to Valkyrie Chronicles, a great game lost in the Gears 2 Vs Resistance 2 wars.

Thats the end of that rant but I think I made my point...I think.

Hoggy19833216d ago

Do some of you fanboys not get tired of having the same posts and making the same points day after day?

farsided3216d ago

are you blind?
Dante's Inferno

looks far superior to God of War 2 on the PS2

and even more so than God of War on the PSP

why would anyone agree that they look the same, unless they're just stupid fanboys?

I never said Uncharted 2 was bad, but if you're going to run into a comments section screaming about it or any other game unrelated to the current discussion of Hack and Slash titles (namely GOW3, DI, or Bayonetta). Then the open zone is ---->

mal_tez923216d ago

All these hack n' slash games have such boring and repetitive combat.

Great graphics and animation, but they are just so boring

The only part I liked on the Gow 3 demo was the flying part, the actually involved some skill and was just holding down L1 and mashing Square over and over

If I had to rank them, Gow 3 would be first because of the awesome flying sequence, Dante's Inferno would be second, and Bayonetta third because it is just overly wierd and stupid.

mikeslemonade3216d ago

Why don't you show a picture of the camera angle that takes place for about 98% of the game. Not that canned angle that isn't gameplay The far back view. When you compare God War 2 upscaled to 1080 and Dantes Inferno the difference is minor. And Dante's Inferno is a terrible looking game. It looks like a first generation game. It looks worst than Heavenly Sword. What I compare Dante's Inferno to is Conan.

jut4203216d ago

More like GOW 2.5. After playing both demoes, I know Dante's Inferno is no where near as close to being as good as GOWIII, and I'm 99% sure the Dante's Inferno demo was a newer build than the GOWIII demo. Dante's Inferno is fun and great, but it's not even close to feeling as epic and badass as you feel when playing GOWIII. I will buy both games because I like hack and slash games, but GOWIII is on another level compared to Dante's Inferno.

Bayonetta is another story. The gameplay is fast and smooth, but besides that it doesn't really bring much new that I was impressed with. The only things that impressed me about the demo was: 1) the finishing moves in combos and 2) how time slows down when you are narrowly dodging an attack. Other than that (which most games have awesome finishing combos) the only thing I was impressed with about the game was the way the dodging works.

bjornbear3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

bayonetta i would compare more to devil may cry (i call it J-hack&slash)

do you get a better idea by comparing jrpg's to rpg's or jrpg's to other jrpg's?

this said, i mean there is a thing as preference of style.

dante is to god of war


bayonetta is to devil may cry

but of course, if we do compare all 4 (which we can) i'd still take GOW

I love DMC franchise, but GOW franchise is the one that got me the most.

Bayonetta demo impressed me a lot, and I believe its one of the best new IP's out this gen =D and I will definitely be buying it (when i get some $ =( )

dante's inferno was reminiscent of GOWII and i enjoyed it, but it didn't feel as fresh as bayonetta.

i haven't tried GOW, but I can say that if it feels at all like GOWI or GOWII, but with better visuals and more action, to me, is to say everything i wanted after GOWII is coming true :D


and that makes me anticipate the game more than i anticipated both bayo. and dante.

now i have to wait and see if it delivers...if it does, or more - it wipes the floor with the other two.

but if it doesn't deliver, well then i'll have to re-evaluate =)

with this said, i just think

beggars can't be choosers =3

PC_Enthusiast 3216d ago

Gow 3 is on another level than dantes inferno

lol hahahahaha

darthv723216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Then again it stands to reason as I also like GoW. If you are going to copy a game style then best to use a true AAA as the blueprint.

I like the crusade timeframe for this game. It just fits like the greek mythology theme fits for GoW. A first day purchase on both in my book.

No doubt GoW3 will sell to the diehard GoW fans (like myself). Dante's inferno will also sell to those looking for a similar experience on the 360. Even though it is for PS3 it will be overshadowed by the real deal GoW.

This reminds me of the Infamous/Prototype situation. One being exclusive and the other being multiplat and having similar styles and subject matter.

Immortal3213216d ago

Cause I hear it now. "hey lets get dante inferno it's just like GOW3 and that game is outstanding so this have to be the same."

-those who got GOW3-
their to busy drooling.

-those who got DI-
"I wonder how GOW3 is like?"

MmaFanQc3216d ago

but i will simply rent bayonetta on the 360 because the game demo didnt impressed me at all, sexy giant girl dancing on jpop isnt that great and the game will be fun....for 8 hr.

pixelsword3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Why is it that people are talking about games they don't have a finished copy of? It's already been said that GOW III has improved in it's demo, and the same could be said about the games that are not released yet.

HighDefinition3216d ago

But, the GOW3 demo is probaly the best demo I`ve ever played.

Dantes Inferno should even be mentioned in the same sentence.

jack_burt0n3216d ago

LOL NO, is it even on live yet? cos play it, its not great but then again neither is bayonetta and look how ppl hype the crap out of that.

darthv723216d ago

Prototype: Infamous for 360 owners

That is what this reminds me of.

Dark General3216d ago

I'll be picking up Bayonetta and GoW3 myself. I didn't even bother downloading the demo seeing as it looks like it's trying to be GoW-esque. The reason why I and many others love GoW is not only it's style and presentation but the story as well. I'm sure Dante's Inferno will be a good game since EA has turned themselves around. But for my money I'd rather go with the leader of the action adventure/hack n slash genre in (hopefully) the final conclusion to the GoW franchise.

morganfell3216d ago

It is laughable to pick a a screen that isn't even an in game shot. There is a word for people that use that kind of deception.

Dante's inferno has a cardboard cutout for a character. No depth at all. A two dimensional protagonist with little story or development makes for a very shallow hack and slash. The motivation ankle deep at best.

There is a reason Kratos is on his quest. It a bloody adventure of epic proportions.

Yes we know what was taken from Dante but really, do we even care?

The brutality of Kratos in his revenge is without equal. There is a reason they call these other games God of War clones. They can only hope to imitate or mirror SOME of the greatness, but never equal it.

And like clones made in this day and age they lack the je ne sais quoi with God of War is imbued. That certain something sits it on an Olympic throne far and above the lesser attempts.

Sheikh Yerbouti3216d ago

That could be Dark Horse. It takes its inspiration from games like GOW, but it finds it own way. Dante may fail by being too much like GOW.

pixelsword3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

They all seem cool... I like one much better than the others, though.

misterssippi3215d ago

Hey folks, lets not leave DarkSiders out of the conversation. It also looks to be a day 1 buy. Its gonna be a great year for Action/Adventure games.

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UltimaEnder3217d ago

Have to disagree, I liked Dante's Inferno much better as the story the demo showed was much more appealing, great preview!

Chris3993217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Some weird self-mutilation scene, a random battle in a burning city, a really lame assassination (like seriously, after pwning and army of ppl, he get's stabbed by one little creep?). Oh, and there was a dead woman and some tit thrown in for good measure.

I'll rent this, probably, but it's not a purchase for me. "Mature", cinematic games are still in their infancy when compared to the medium (film) that they try to emulate. It's like a romance novel written by a teenager. Still decent, but lacking the nuances, subtlety and skill of a seasoned writer.

CrimsonFox133216d ago

I also think Dante's Inferno's story was crappy in the demo. It flowed together badly. The gameplay and graphics weren't the best either, so most of it just seems average.


For first timers (360 players), Dantes may seem better because its a new story etc. For experienced players (PS2 gamers and gamers in general) GOW3 would be better because it is the conclusion of a story started on the PS2. They are eagerly awaiting its finale. Also in the graphics dept even GOW collection looks better than Dante. Dont believe me go play them yourself. Also Bayonetta, even if Im enjoying it rigth now, doesnt compete graphycally with an outdated demo (GOW3). Go play yourself...ohh you cant my bad. For fanatics anything in the 360 will always be better than the PS3 games. Remmenbered inFAMOUS?


Elwenil3216d ago

I'll be picking up Dante's Inferno for the PS3 and not GoW3. Mainly because I am just not interested in the whole Greek mythology bit, though I admit the games look and play great, I just never got into them. Dante's on the other hand really interests me because of the visuals, the utter coolness of kicking ass through Hell and I'm a big fan of Dante's Divine Comedy. Who wouldn't want to play a game that takes you through an interpretation of one of your favorite books? Both Dante's and GoW3 should sell really well though GoW seems to have a bigger following. I'm just impressed that EA is starting to make more mature games and not just kid's games with some mature content thrown in.

bjornbear3216d ago

then you have to read the divine comedy...thats basically what the game is based on =P one of the greatest stories of all times...

hence, it's impossible not to like =P

lets just hope they didn't screw it up, i love the story and if done wrong could ruin big part of the game for me =(

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SeanScythe3217d ago

lets not forget MAG end of january

nogolis3217d ago

Remember when they said "Conan" was "God of War" for the xbox 360 also? Remember how that turned out? I played the demo for this game and it seems bland by comparison.

LaurenKB1233217d ago

God of War 3 is by far the better game, too bad it'll never be on the Xbox 360!