Logitech Cordless Precision for PlayStation 3

Some peeps don't love the PS design, or more likely, don't like the SIXAXIS' $49.99 retail price. While the PS3 is still quite early in its lifespan, there are a few alternative options on the market. Longstanding peripheral manufacturer Logitech has products among them, and today IGN is checking out the $39.99 retailing Cordless Precision for the PlayStation 3.

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Violater4241d ago

Sony should at least allow ps2 games to rumble on the ps3.

Grown Folks Talk4241d ago

feels alot better to me, but it doesn't work with PS2 games.

ErcsYou4241d ago

i actually like my light ps3 controller .... but it has some bad squeaks . a new controller is always nice. why does it come with a usb bluetooth antenna? cant you just use the ps3's bluetooth?

I bought a joystick about a month ago and it worked for all ps2 games....then came firmware 1.8 and spoiled my fun. hopefully they will fix this problem for a second time come the next firmware update. keep your fingers crossed, then i can play castle shikigami again(shikigami no shiro 2)

BitbyDeath4241d ago

It's too fat, looks ugly and doesn't have sixaxis support.

Who would buy this?

sandip7874241d ago

is it me or does it look a bit like a 360 controller? ok the analog sticks are off but the rest of it sure resembles one, unless ive forgotten what one looks like lol.
so guys, before i get my ps3 - next week, can you suggest which controllers best?

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