Spawn Kill Favorites: Animal Crossing: Wild World

The latest in the Spawn Kill series of favorite games from the past, this week m3talst0rm tearfully but manfully delves into what about Animal Crossing: Wild World touched his gaming buttons.

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K-Tuck3217d ago

It certainly looks endearing.

rrquinta3217d ago

I have to say this is one of the games I bought when I first purchased my DS Lite, and I really enjoyed it at first. However, it was a little disappointing after awhile, and I eventually got tired of it. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the Sims franchise, and perhaps I'm asking too much from the DS, but I just felt like there should have been more to do/experience.

Still, it's a fun diversion, and the collecting aspect is definitely addictive.

tigresa3216d ago

Stop hatin'! You always seem unhappy with every game ever. :(

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