Spawn Kill Review: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Snarkasaur of Spawn Kill jumps on a train and delivers the best transportable review of Spirit Tracks that you ever will read! Read on for a fanboy's review of Link's latest outing.

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K-Tuck3213d ago

I'm going to have to get this game simply because it is a Zelda game.

rrquinta3213d ago

After being disappointed with Phantom Hourglass, I'd decided to put this on the back burner as something I definitely wanted to play, but wouldn't kill myself to play immediately.

However, Amazon offered it to me for $22, and PH was fun, so I said, "why not?"

Although I haven't had a chance to play it yet, as soon as I finish DQIV (almost done), I will probably start this sucker up.

(Especially since it's getting good reviews, so I'm hopeful I will enjoy it more than PH.)

tigresa3213d ago

Phantom Hourglass didn't impress me either, but I blindly went in and totally agree with Snarkasaur. A HUGE surprise and just plain dawggone fuuun.

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