Blood Bowl Coming to 360, PSP

"SouthPeak Games had today announced that the previously PC download-only title Blood Bowl will be coming to the 360 and PSP in 2010. There will also be a retail version of the PC game available soon too. Basically, Blood Bowl is based on the Warhammer series of the same name. It's like American football but with weapons, blood and lots of questionable rules (maybe that last one applies to the NFL regardless). The 360 and PC retail releases will arrive in January, while the PSP gets a tentative 'Spring' date."

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lrn2hate3217d ago

um... should that be ps3 not psp?? kinda weird if its coming to 360 and psp, instead of ps3

n4gn4gn4gn4g3217d ago

a direct port of the 360 version.


WarPonyDestroyer3216d ago

You are wrong. There is no PS3 version, XBOX, PSP, and DS.

Each of which are a stripped down version of the original game. Horrible ports.

MadBadger3217d ago

As the 360 version of Blood Bowl has been out for about a month in Europe...

Having played both the PC and 360 versions, seriously don't waste your time waiting, the PC version is vastly supior than the crippled console port.

El_Colombiano3217d ago

Isn't that common knowledge for literally every game?

free2game3653217d ago

This isn't new at all. This is actually over a year old.

UltimateSin3217d ago

This doesn't look very bloody or bowly.

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