Steam Sale Enters Day-I Forgot

The Steam Holiday Sale has been going on for the better part of a week now, and there have been some pretty sweet deals. Yesterday, Prey actually sold out and BioShock was put in its place for $4.99. Today marks another batch of new deals.

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Pandam0bile3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Today is lame except for COH :(

tdrules3219d ago

i would mind if i didnt have a backlog of games from the past week

ChampIDC3219d ago

Jade Empire is hardly lame.

Cosquae3219d ago

Jade Empire is a good deal for those who like Bioware RPGs, but not sure today is as good as yesterday.

MajestieBeast3219d ago

Today is a little meh compared to yesterday. Still pissed prey soldout before i could buy it did get orange box. I hope we will see crysis warhead in the special deals.

LeonSKennedy4Life3219d ago

Steam is so awesome!

Thank you Valve and all the other companies supporting this sale. : )

Saryk3219d ago

I wonder what the competition is thinking about, with all of these deals. I bet D2D, Impulse and Gamersgate are scratching their heads.

evrfighter3219d ago

Impulse will survive as long as Stardock keeps making their own games. Free publishing is a godsend for them I'm sure.

Everyone else should be able to sustain themselves until Valve begins to assume they have the pc gaming market in check and begins raising prices. When this happens the other companies will come out of the woodwork to capitalize.

until then

Enjoy Steam

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