GDN: Hyperballoid HD Review (PSN)

The game screen is TINY. If you have got a 60 inch TV it won't be a problem. Hell even a 46 inch would do just fine. However, if you're like me and have just a plain old 4:3 20-something inch (maybe 32?) the whole damned screen is blindingly small, especially when the ball splits into 9 smaller balls and they're all miniscule. The scores are unreadable, the interface might as well not even exist. What this game needs is a menu option for "SD" as in standard definition or smaller game levels or no sidebar interface

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nightfallinicedearth3219d ago

It's called hyperballoid "HD" Not hyperballoid "SD" stupid. I'm sure it's meant to be played on HD tv's.

Chris3993219d ago

but if your trade is reviewing games, you'd think that one would be equipped with all the tools to properly do so - HD t.v., for example.

You can pick up a small 720p/ 1080p set for like $200 nowadays.

3219d ago