Game Vortex: Darksiders: Wrath of War Review

The biggest problem facing Darksiders is convincing players used to clones and sequels it's something different. Although it contains mechanics from nearly every action game from God of War to The Legend of Zelda, Darksiders manages to combine the various parts into such a seamless package, it feels like a completely new game.

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cyguration3240d ago

this might be one of the best dark horses of 2010.

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romemac73240d ago

i been waiting for this game for the past 3 years, i cant wait to buy it for my ps3.

cmrbe3240d ago

Not that it matters but i always planned to buy this game regardless of the score reviewers give it.

The concept alone sold me on it. The game just got delayed too many times though as this game was suppose to release early this year. It seems the wait is worth it.

Clone or whatever i am getting it day 1. Who dosen't want to play as one of the 4 horse man battling demons and angels?. I just hope the story is EPIC which sounds like it will be.