The Gamers Temple: Darksiders: Wrath of War (PS3) Review

The Gamers Temple writes: "A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of finishing and reviewing the best role playing game I'd played in years – PS3's Demon's Souls. As the credits rolled, I thought it would be months, maybe even years, before I played another game of the same caliber. Imagine my surprise when, in just a matter of weeks, another game came down the pike that raised the bar for action/adventure titles in the same way Demon's Souls obliterated conventions for the (arguably) flagging RPG genre."

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Chris3993219d ago

And this is from the PS3 version, so at least these developers can code on par and not create sloppy ports (for which, there is NO excuse moving into 2010).

Very excited for this game. Already pre-ordered.

pxpxp3219d ago

i have to say, i was not too exited about this game. But i've been seeing a lot of previews (and some reviews) and my interest-o-meter is rising fast

OGharryjoysticks3219d ago

Depending on the publisher and how they fund development is more like it now. That and THQ has been a strong supporter of PS3 from day one.

hatchimatchi3219d ago

Awesome, when i first saw this game months ago, i thought it looked kinda silly cause of the over the top character designs. Recently though i watched some videos and read how it's being compared to zelda so now i'm extremely interested. I'll be buying this game the day it gets released.

3219d ago

wow, great score...

this game was so flying under my games to buy list, i hardly new anything about it at all.

a friend bought me some games magz for xmas and it was on the font cover. from what i read it really got my attention. I have not been happy with most of the action adventure games i have played and Ac2 really worked up a taste for them now.

Tried the DMC clone demo but was not feeling that at all. the more i have heard about this game the more i am looking forward to it. I think it's time to trade MW2 for it. I have entertained that game for much longer then i ever should have.

what a great start to 2010. first week and we get this epic adventure game !

3219d ago