25 Best Premium Themes of 2009

Written by Cameron Teague

Yet again here we are with another 25 Best list presented by Sony and the PlayStation Network and we are now looking at the 25 Best Premium Themes of 2009.

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Sangria3220d ago

Isn't it possible to have a preview of each of theme -without looking at Youtube-?
Anyway, I found on the US Store last week the Heavy Rain dynamic theme and I really love it, pretty much my favorite from all I've seen so far.

GodsHand3220d ago

You would think so. I am sure they will implement something in the future that could let you preview the theme before you buy it, sort of like the preview video on some of the video games.

mac4u103220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

some themes if not most of the really good ones have a preview function in them, by hitting the square button on the controller. But I understand were your coming from with actually trying them out before purchase. "good point"

Solans Scott3220d ago

You can preview themes before you buy them but only in the PSN store. I wish that Sony would continue to update the older themes. My all time favorite theme is 'Retro' but that came out with firmware 2.4 so as you can imagine it doesn't look than great anymore with all the question marks.

Socomer 19793219d ago

people that come by my house see that thing and are like wow!
its the future!

3219d ago
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