Prey Sells Out On Steam

Remember Prey, 3D Realms and Human Head Studio's 2006 first person shooter? Well, thanks to its discounting on Steam as part of their holiday sale, the digital distribution service has actually run out of keys for the game, effectively selling out, even though there is no physical media involved. Steam have confirmed that they are trying to acquire more keys and bring the deal back, but in the meantime, publisher 2K Games have consented to offer a discount on BioShock as an alternative.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3218d ago

This is one of the best game on the X360 and people don't even mention it...

PS360PCROCKS3218d ago

It's because it's so old now...I mean we're talking early 2006, it's 2010 almost.

evrfighter3218d ago

I keep saying Valve is sitting on a goose laying golden eggs.

They'll never tell how much their steam games sell. Otherwise I'm sure 100 more DD services would pop up overnight.

Elven63218d ago

Prey is an awesome game, I remember playing the hell out of the game back in the day, lost my copy of it so I might pick it up again on Games on Demand. I wouldn't say just 360 owners "forgot", it's also pretty niche on the PC community now as well.

The game touched on some very controversial issues, at least controversial ones in North America about Native Americans, life on the reserves, tradition, values, "old vs. new", etc.

3D Realms has already announced a sequel is in the works, don't know who the developer is but the publisher is most likely 2K again.

cyberwaffles3218d ago

i agree, i ended up liking Prey more than gears of war and ironically i bought the 360 for gears of war. well, for halo 3 as well but i won't get into that.

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GodsHand3218d ago

That's crazy, run out of keys. I would think digital distribution did not have a problem like that.

TheIneffableBob3218d ago

It's because the publisher only sends the distributor (in this case, Steam) a certain number of keys to hand out to buyers. Once those CD-keys are dolled out, they'll have to request more from the publisher.

KillerPwned3218d ago

I never knew a game on steam could be sold out lol.

Xakep3218d ago

I was wondering how that happened too when I looked at it earlier on Steam.

Pandam0bile3218d ago

I was about 5 minutes away from buying that >:C

Setekh3218d ago

Maybe Valve procure keys from 2K in a similar way that Microsoft sends out volume license keys out to companies.

I did grab Bioshock though.

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The story is too old to be commented.