Sony Considering Subscription Service For Games?

TheSixthAxis: Greg's already discussed at length the various options Sony are considering for what has been dubbed PSN Premium, but one of the features not mentioned on the list (which did appear to cover every other angle possible) is paid subscription for games. Currently the closest thing we've got to a continued, steady revenue stream for developers is the episodic content model (such as that seen in Blue Toad or Siren) but going down the route of a full subscription service is one step ahead.

Over the weekend some PS3 users (including myself) were asked to take part in a survey by a third party, and one of the questions relates to this very matter. "How likely would you be to subscribe to a service like this in the future?" asks the questionnaire referring to a hypothetical paid subscription service for films, music or games. Well, this could infer a number of things – an ad free Vidzone (as Greg pointed out) or some kind of Netflix-esque affair for European PS3 owners.

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deadreckoning6663307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Paid subscriptions for just ONE game won't work well on the PS3 since PS3 owners are used ta gettin stuff for free. But it would be a great idea for old Dreamcast and PS2 games. If Shenmue 1 and 2 actually hit PSN I'm gunna scream lol. Those 3 "possible" options for paid subcription that we've already seen were garbage IMO. The major selling point was the unlimited PS One Classics, but the problem is, people DON'T buy a PS3 to just play PS ONE Classics.

Unless Sony's subscription service includes "real" games(PS2 and Dreamcast games) and maybe unlimited DLC for 3 or 4 games of your choice, then its not worth it. Oh and having to pay for cross game chat would be a stupid move on Sony's part if they did it.

@pxpxp- Yep lets hope. Id gladly pay $50-$80 a year for unlimited DLC, unlimited PS One Classics, Vidzone, Qore, ONE free HD movie of my choice every month, and discounts on old Dreamcast and PS2 games.

pxpxp3307d ago

Im sure that if sony does release a premium service it will be something that costumers feel like is worth paying for. So lets keep hoping for an awesome service (better than it already is)

himdeel3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

...if SONY releases a paid subscription service then it MUST without any doubt have clear and enticing benefits above the regular service. You have to look at all the packages from the lowest to the highest price wise and see the benefit of subscribing to each tier of service.

The wrong type of subscription model will appear as if it's not worth it and the pricing of the subscription can make or break the service. The last thing they want to do is slap something together that's temporary. It has to have fantastic infrastructure to support the model and it has to have a clearly defined user agreement.

I have a strong sense that they have been developing a model so that PSN is supported across all of hardware components for the duration of the SONY product line. I can see all SONY devices having access to PSN one day.

hazelamy3307d ago

where did you hear about dcuo being free?
i thought it was going to follow the standard mmo model of a monthly sub.
free with micro transactions would be cool but i'd probably pay for that game.

Maddens Raiders3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

good to see your ranting and raving about something completely foreign to you. Weird, but not surprising.

darthv723307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Be it with certain games like MMO's or rental of full psn games for a certain time frame. Originally I was thinking they would go the route and make a free online level for gaming in that you could play online but in a smaller more limited number of players per game. Then you pay the sub and can play in up to the max number of players in a game. Like MAG for example can be restricted to certain size game types and those could be free but to get the full 256 player battle royale you pay the sub fee.

It would still be true in a sense that gaming online is free. You just would have certain restrictions apply. I dont see why that is hard for some to understand. Anyway, if they decide to go with the unltd ps1 classics route as well as maybe up to "X" number of movies/tv shows would be pretty cool. I did read one tier state disc free netflix access. I have to say using the disc isnt that big a deal. The cross game chat seems a bit odd though as they know it is something gamers have been clamoring for but I dont know if it is worth paying for.

Honestly, we dont know what sony has in mind other than speculation from a few surveys. I will wait for the official word on what they have in store.

Persistantthug3307d ago

and Final Fantasy 14 Online is already coming to the PS3....So why would anyone be surprised that PSN would have a paid per month subscription MMO title?

This is kinda like one of those "DUH" moments.

The_Nameless_One3307d ago

The decision to make DC Universe Online free-to-play is not final.

Taken from a preview/interview with SOE's Wes Yanagi when asked if this game is Subscription Based or Free-to-play:
"In his response we were given a very strong impression that they are leaning towards the expansion-pack business model, as opposed to the traditional subscription fee although such matters hadn’t been solidified at that point over at Sony Online Entertainment."

You can read the full article here:

deadreckoning6663307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

"good to see your ranting and raving about something completely foreign to you. Weird, but not surprising". according to you I'm ranting and raving about something completely foreign to me, so, whats so foreign to me??? PS3 fanboys are quite good at slamming a disagree button but they still need ALOT of help in formulating good comebacks, especially ones that make sense and aren't as vague as yours.

All you guys are doing is proving true the stereotype that you can't say anything bad about the PS3 on N4G or ull get automatically bashed. Its quite dumb really. Whats even funnier is that it'll happen all over again with this comment as well.

The only people who will disagree with this comment will be PS3 fanboys because there the only ones that would be offended by it and before u guys do slam that disagree button, ask yourself why you think its necessary for you to bash anyone that says anythg remotely negative about Sony or the PS3.

Fanboys are no different from those crazies you see on the street who claim that were all going to hell unless we repent for our sins or those people who want to ban violent video games because they thk they corrupt our youth. U guys needlessly try to force your opinions on others. If you wanna be put in that category, be my guest. I thk its time to grow up.

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ErcsYou3307d ago

If this subscription gives me free access to PSN games, ill be all over it... Custom avatars would be nice too.

nefertis3307d ago

Im with u I hope sony annouce something soon Im hype. Play3beyond

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Somnipotent3307d ago

for unlimited access to movies and shows. adding access to exclusive content on PSN would be nice too. i WILL NOT pay for online gaming but they have stated time and time again the core of what PSN is now will remain free so bring on what they are planning and i'll see if it's worthwhile.

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