Gears of War Hits Xbox Live Games on Demand

Gears of War is now available for download via Microsoft's Games on Demand service through Xbox Live.

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PISSIO3217d ago

Good job Microsoft!

Gears 1 is amazing.

Pumbli3217d ago

I agree, epic game.

Maybe there are still a couple of guys out there that own a 360 and have not played GeOW. :P

Blaze9293217d ago

Gears of War 1's story mode was definitely ALOT better than Gears 2. Alot more darker and story driven whereas Gears 2 I found myself just shooting...shooting some more...all so that the damn


queen can get away? Wtf was the point of everything then!?

I think I might hop back on Gears of War 1 too. Good times on that game...gooooooooood times.

STK0263217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I'd like it if they released Gears2 GOTY edition on games on demand, I know it wasn't all it was hyped to be (I actually bought Gears 2 at release, but returned it after a month), but I miss Horde mode, despite having ODST (Firefight mode). Maybe I should give UC2 a try, heard it has a similar mode aswell.

Anyway, Gears one is a great game that should be played.

Oh, for the queen, it's the usual "I'll be back" syndrome.

Bnet3433217d ago

I've been playing Gears 1 for the past week lol wow. Yeah, Gears 1 owns Gears 2. Gears 1 is much faster and you can bounce off walls with a nice shotgun, takes much more skill. Gears 2 got slower and they nerfed the shotgun so it's kinda lame. Gears 1 is good, get it!.

edgeofblade3217d ago

Game worth playing.

The sequel, not so much.

lowcarb3217d ago

I would definitely give the music to part 1 which was incredible but the story of Dom in part 2 blew the 1st away.

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Lou-Cipher3217d ago

For a good price too.

El_Colombiano3217d ago

Okay that is a good price!

-EvoAnubis-3217d ago

The pricing is what I was worried about, but 20 bucks totally works. If you don't own the disk, this is a buy.

lowcarb3217d ago

It's ten bucks at gamestop.

swiftshot933217d ago

Already have the game, its totally awesome.

Id love to see Sony have a Games on Demand type of thing.

Kroganwrex3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

But here in the UK its £19.99 which is $31. In the shops, you can get it for about £10 which is about $16.

Blaze9293217d ago

then go to the shop? sheesh, always complaining.

iistuii3217d ago

He is pointing out that it's a ridiculous price for a game that is a download, can't be resold and has no material overheads , so why charge that price.£19.99 and you can get it for £8..Start charging about £10 and they would sell a hell of a lot more.

likedamaster3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

LOL. In before the haters. With that said...

Whoever hasn't played this game yet, you've missed out on a truly epic experience. The game's a classic and still being played online.

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The story is too old to be commented.