Rhythm Games Have Caused Soundtrack Confusion

DualShockers writes,

"In the world of entertainment, music is an integral part of the total experience. Music is there to complement the visual experience, mainly since it would be boring to only hear dialogue, sound effects, and silence. Also, music helps set the mood. Most times, you know what is going to happen next based on the music, although sometimes music can even be used to misguide us. However, when the music is the game, can you even call it the soundtrack?"

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Chadness3215d ago

Completely agree. The VGAs are a joke in so many ways anyway...

taz80803215d ago

Rhythm games in general are fun to play with others but they try too hard to reach a broad audience that there are songs from too many genres.

Tomarcus3214d ago

Music games blow, and they are f-ing over real soundtracks.

AndrewE3214d ago

similar to VG LIVE. Shatter did have a flowing soundtrack and don't forget some soundtracks can straight up ruin a game.

Tomarcus3214d ago

I agree, I would love to see a full orchestral performance next year, that would be EPIC! I know a few games with TERRIBLE soundtracks lol.

Tony P3214d ago

Best Soundtrack is a joke. Imo the awards should go to people actually contributing to the industry. That is, putting out original work for us. Instead we're advertising Universal for allowing a game to use their artists.

Best Score is by far the better honor.