WorthPlaying: Food Network: Cook Or Be Cooked Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Thanks to this generation of gaming, even the most mundane activities can be made into the basis of a fairly good game. Gardening Mama, for example, made the simple activity of gardening a fun experience for those who have no real-life interest in it. The Wii Fit and EA Active series of games did the same for exercise. It was the Cooking Mama series of games, though, that started the trend by making the art of cooking accessible to all ages and players whether or not they had ever done something as simple as boil water or as complicated as making a three-course dinner. The success of that game series has not gone unnoticed - especially the Food Network, the basic cable channel that specializes in food-themed programming. The network has already tried its hand at a cooking game with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, and while that was a decent game, it didn't really fit into the channel's desire to get people involved and excited about cooking. Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked is a cooking title with a slightly different focus, and while it does some things well, the overall length of the game doesn't help it against some of the genre's heavyweights."

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