'Bulletstorm' trademarked by Epic Games' Polish subsidiary, People Can Fly

CC: Epic Games' Polish subsidiary People Can Fly have filed a trademark under the name of Bulletstorm.

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ruleroftekken3268d ago

Bit of a shi**y name, don't you think :S

It's like a retro arcade game name.

mjolliffe3268d ago

I was thinking like a Serious Sam kinda thing... Painkiller was a little like that.

reintype3268d ago

With a name like Bulletstorm, it's probably a shoot 'em up or a top down shooter.

dpdvxkpizbnwg3268d ago

Bulletstorm = Epic fail of a name (literally)

mjolliffe3268d ago

I don't think so as the games developers are working on an action title for PS3, 360 and PC.

Read the news before you make it up :)

unrealgamer583268d ago

bullet storm (high pitched) it's a storm with bullets

_insane_gamer_3268d ago

So Epic Games do have something to do with the PS3. Even though they're not developing it...

siyrobbo3268d ago

Fat princess.....................

Perkel3268d ago

fat princess ???? O.o ?

btw ut3 was for ps3 even with k+m function..

kewlkat0073268d ago

only a fn name. Who cares.

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