ONM: Shigeru Miyamoto Interview

"You'll have to wait a minute - he's just drawing at the moment", a Nintendo PR lady kindly informs ONM as they wait anxiously to interview one of videogaming's genuine superstars. Five minutes later, a Nintendo of Europe executive emerges with a signed sketch of a group of Pikmin, grinning broadly. Shigeru Miyamoto provokes that kind of giddy, childlike response even among seasoned professionals. It's not often you get the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a conversation with a true games industry legend, but ONM was lucky enough to be granted an exclusive audience with Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

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hatchimatchi3218d ago

good lord, you get to interview miyamoto and you ask him questions about nsbm:wii and the possibility of a wii music sequel.


EvilTwin3218d ago

Well, to be fair, NSMB is Nintendo's latest big release, and some grilling on Wii Music is expected after its reception and sales.

But it's a journalistic responsibility to bug Miyamoto about Zelda (at least twice). And Pikmin.

I understand the questions he gets about the Super Guide...but I really don't get why it's a big deal to people. Heck, there were hints in Metroid Prime, and no one cared.

SpoonyRedMage3218d ago

Most likely they're only allowed to ask about certain things and they most likely wouldn't be allowed to print anything that Nintendo didn't approve anyway.

3218d ago
MonopolyRSV3218d ago

Wish he wouldn't bullshit us about the lag in Super Smash Bros.

RyuShinji3218d ago

I agree!! but I would also like to take the opportunity to bi*ch further ^_^.

we get screwd way to much with online play through all the consoles...
but it's basically down to eveyone ripping us off at every turn...

1. provider.. they all and i mean all say u get some kind of great speed u'll hardly ever get close to possibly because of other factors as well...

2.wireless-card/hub being slightly sh*tty (not ur fault)... server (PS3, 360, WII, PSP, DS ect) they buy inadequate servers because they are cheap... PS3 esp.. 360 do but it's even worse cus they make u pay =_= wii not so bad when i've been on but not many games to really put much strain on it..

all together make a really really sh*tty gaming experience..

anyone got anything to add?

Eric Cartman3218d ago

It's mainly the ISPs that make the online experience crappy. Some are lucky bastards who get to have access to cheap and high speed connection.

PS3 servers, by the way, are excellent. First and second party titles all run on dedicated servers with no noticeable lag. I have had problems with very few games and I don't think these are platform-centric i.e. Tekken 6.

OmarJA-N4G3218d ago

Every time i see his face i wanna punch him hard.

RyuShinji3218d ago

They didn't ask one question about the new zelda!!!0_0 just about mario and a few crappy casual "games" 0.o...

kingdavid3218d ago

Thats what nintendo has come to these days.

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