VideoGamer: Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusives

In this special series of Top Tens, they list the best exclusive games for each of the seven major platforms. In their final list, they go out with a bang, bringing you the ten greatest Xbox 360 exclusives. Microsoft's mean machine has got loads of monstrously good games just gagging to be played.

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Bungie4047d ago

Halo 3 number 1 hands down

at least until Reach

Capt CHAOS4047d ago

Halo 3 has been great fun to plan.

Lou-Cipher4047d ago

No way

Crackdown is the best 360 exclusive.

Mass Effect is the best game on 360.

I cant wait for both of those sequels.

I thought Halo Wars was better than Halo 3, and I'm a fan of Halo 1 CE, so its not that I don't like FPS.

Saaking4047d ago

Halo 3 is fun, but I wouldn't put it at number 1. There a lot of other much better games on the 360.

ukilnme4047d ago

Agreed. Halo 3 is the undisputed king of the 360.

krouse934047d ago

I definitely Think Forza 3 is the better game than Halo by a long shot.

I think Forza 3 is a great game to hold me over till Gran Turismo 5.

ryano232774047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I don't play my 360, 10 games that aren't better than multiplatform games.

When these 360 games are below the level of multiplatform games, then its no wonder why I have always been surprised that the "PS3 has no games", when all the multi's the PS3 have were better than the 360 exclusives.

And now these multi's don't compare to the PS3 top exclusives.

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knightdarkbox4047d ago

halo3= destroy all exclusives of sony..

cant wait for halo reach in the new engine ;)

cereal_killa4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Gran Turismo says Hi Muppet. Seeing you must be talking about the only thing you have left.... Sales amirite


gt? come on dude! GT5 prologue sucked and im sure the real GT5 is going to follow the same path!!

and Halo 3 has good sales,reviews,and a strong addictive multiplayer that it is still played by thousands after 2+ plus years of release!

so your statement about sales is wrong!
give me a ps3 game that has had this momentum??


and yes Halo 3 pawns all ps3 exclusives!!!!

GT5 most boring game of 2010 confirmed!!!

Excalibur4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

1 and 2

How did they forget Mass Effect?

Treyb3yond4047d ago

Mass Effect isn't exclusive?

Actually neither is Dead Rising (it's on Wii).

peeps4047d ago

"Dead Rising (it's on Wii)"

i'd say the versions are different enough to class them as seperate games tbh. but yeh thats prob why me wasn't on the list

xbox3flopteen4047d ago

ps3 as well..but truly last odyssey win this for me.

Socomer 19794047d ago

oh yeah there is but its average and laggy.

4047d ago
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