Quantum Theory: New screens released

Some brand new Screenshots of Quantum Theory.

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Assassin Creed3219d ago


Taz Yamauchi3219d ago

This game is going to be meh! no matter what platform

reintype3219d ago

IMO they should have made all the characters female, would have been more interesting that way. Imagine what kind of "SISMANCE" (Sorry I had to go there) they could have done, at least you get an infinitely better picture when they do a Roadie Run. XP

tdrules3219d ago

inb4thislookedbetterwhenitwase xclusive

Saaking3219d ago

It doesn't look that great.

bjornbear3219d ago

if anything, rabid fanboys were kind of "confused" as to whether it will be a good game or another "Haze" xD so...

if anything

inb4thislookedcrappygearsrpip ffwhenitwasexclusive by "the other side"

sikbeta3219d ago

This game is not going anywhere, I'm tired to say that is a Gears RIP-OFF

Don't know why xboyz are so happy with this game being multiplat if they already have the Original

mikeslemonade3219d ago

I was only mildy interested in this game when it was an exclusive. But now since it's multiplatform the quality is going to be like Army of Poo.

ukilnme3219d ago

@ tdrules

LMAO. You nailed it.

Cold 20003219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Here are some comments from PS3 enthousiasts before it went multiplat

Funny how now they all agree its "nothing special".

As for me, this game looked like crap from the start. But I wouldnt venture into a PS3 thread to say that otherwise I would have lost my bubbles lol. Great to see that now everyone agrees its crap...even the PS3 diehards who for some weird reason arent hyped up at all anymore for this :)

Funny how a multplat announcement clears ones view :)

@sikbeta "Don't know why xboyz are so happy with this game being multiplat if they already have the Original". If I were MS I would pay for it to stay a PS3 exclusive, thats how much Im interested in the game.

Prototype3219d ago

Call me whatever you want, but I'd play it to see how the game and story turns out. If the game is junk then I'll know one game to not put time in or a company to think twice buying games from in the future.

It's easy to call something "a follower" by just screen shots and a few movies online instead of playing it (I didn't say buy I said play).


@ sikbeta

can you find those comments from 360 fanboys being so happy this game is coming to 360 now.... I know i have not seen any.

I have seen plenty of ps3 fanboys change their tune over this game, i don't need to post a link as the other guy above already has.

as both a 360 and ps3 owner I never liked the look of this game. gears 1 was enough. gears 2 I was very, very disappointed with/ almost hated it and i still have not finished it's campaign ( very unusual for me ).

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XxDeathDoctorxX3219d ago

downgraded confirm flop lol

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The story is too old to be commented.