Will good come from the huge piracy of Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 was the most pirated game on the PC and the Xbox 360 this year. And Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. was the most pirated on the Wii. Modern Warfare 2 sold 4.7 million units in the U.S. and the United Kingdom in its first 24 hours. But the pirates managed to get their hands on copies of the game before it went on sale and distributed it on the torrent networks, as we noted in our popular story on how private investigators tracked down a Modern Warfare 2 pirate.

There were 4.1 million unauthorized downloads of the PC version and 970,000 for the Xbox 360. That was more than double the number of pirated copies of Spore, which was last year's winner of the dubious honor of most-pirated game. But it's interesting that Modern Warfare 2 went on to break all records, selling $550 million worth in its first five days.

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mjolliffe3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Maybe if it teaches Infinity Ward that having the biggest game ever made in history/most pirated of 2009 isn't really a good thing.

EDIT: Not that having the biggest game of all time isn't good. But the multiplayer is now a complete mess thanks to pirates hacking into it and using glitches.

thorstein3219d ago

Now this will justify more DRM BS for those of us who follow the law.

That is what will happen. Unfortunately no one pays attention to the studies that indicate piracy has almost a nil effect on sales.

Baka-akaB3219d ago

meh , i say pirate away ...

They were already using piracy and cheating , as the excuse for their behavior of late , especially with dedicated servers .

So less piracy would only endorse the crap they already do , and more wont change their plans to blame it anyway in the end .

They are a fat bunch of liars . Each year now , their cost are reduced (dont tell me you guys believes MW2 cost as much as mw1 ... with the engine and gameplay already in place , and without the cost of dedicated servers) , and each year the game sell more copies ...

But they want us to believe they somehow are losing that much to piracy , if any ? Yeah right

DaddyPoppa3219d ago

the massive hate towards this game yet theres 500,000+ people playing this game online daily....mw2 is not a bad game by anymeans, and even if it was no game “deserves” to get pirated aka “stolen“.... and wait, that brings up another question, if you dislike the game sooo much, why spend the time to download it? think about that.....

Persistantthug3219d ago

The PS3 still remains "unhackable".

That's a pretty impressive feat.

Proxy3219d ago

PS3 is more expensive, don't want to risk a mod.
Blu-ray burners aren't common.
XBox has a legacy of being hacked, it's the cool thing to do. Less so with the Playstation. (Although PS2 could be hacked without performing any hardware mods.)

uie4rhig3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

the rest should be all pirated! it will teach evil companies like activision to not fvck with the gamers by suddenly increasing the prices just coz its a AAA title :/.. hopefully price increases like that won't happen again!

that's not the PS3 hacked, thats just sloppy coding from IW lol CoD4 is hacked here not the PS3 :p

Maddens Raiders3219d ago

"PS3 is more expensive, don't want to risk a mod."

uhh..what? this is total dribble and the fact that the PS3 hasn't been hacked has nothing to do with it's "cost" nor the video you posted. I know it's in you - you really can help to stop FUD.

BattleAxe3218d ago

All this piracy is going to do is force devs not to make games for the PC. I can't believe how stupid some people are.

Persistantthug3218d ago

When I see modded (for piracy) PS3's on Craigslist and EBAY, then you will have a point.

To this day, PS3 is pirate proof.

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fllysurfer3220d ago

This piracy thing is a righteous lesson for spiking the price soo much

Karum3219d ago

It's the price hike alongside the total raping of the PC version of the game and not giving PC gamers what they wanted.

Had they priced the game like everyone else and had given the PC version the features fans wanted then piracy of MW2 would have been much less of a problem. It would still have been a problem, just not as much of one.

CrippleH3219d ago

If anything this game and the publisher/developers deserve to be pirated.

chak_3220d ago

While I hate piracy for what it is, maybe it'll ring some bell somewhere in the gaming world.

or not, who knows

Captain Tuttle3219d ago

Developers won't make PC games anymore.

Saryk3219d ago

It will teach them a lesson, not to piss off the PC gaming crowd or not to make games for the PC. But the idiots stating that the people will quite making PC games because of piracy are total fools. You actually think that they are going to quit making games in the biggest market for gaming. IW might leave it, but someone will take its place. When there is green to be made, someone will always try to grab the most they can, greed is awesome.
But kind of ironic that the Xbox360 had a lot of pirated copies also.

mfwahwah3218d ago


PC is the biggest market for gaming? Really?

Did Nintendo release a PC that I'm unaware of?

cyguration3219d ago

If Activision complained about breaking records and having a game pirated as much as MW2, it would just be retarded. They made their money, Infinity Ward gets to go on vacation; there's no reason to complain.

In-game hackers will exist whether people pirate a game or not. Anyone remember Halo 2 on the original Xbox?

Orochi Avlis3219d ago

It will happen.

They'll use this incident as a reason not to develop for the PC, say there is no market in it and blame everybody else except themselves.

They brought this on themselves, but their egos will not allow them to see it.

Pandam0bile3219d ago

I've never really condoned piracy in any other case than with MW2. This game deserved to get pirated all to hell.

HDgamer3219d ago

This game was a waste of my 60. Short campaign, little improvements to multiplayer, overhyped POS, and most of all glitches out the ass hole.

deadlyliquidxxx3219d ago

ur comment is laughable because at any given time there are at least 200k players online
and this is at 4am when i was playing !!!!

evrfighter3219d ago

@ deadly, you do know there is yet another crack out that will let pirates play with legit players right?

I was just playin yesterday for about an hour...but got bored because people can't comprehend that it was common to jump corners expecting people to camp in cod4.

In mw2 you do it once and "zomg evr is wallhacking!!!111!" It's clear that the talented fps gamers are not playing mw2.

mfwahwah3218d ago

Why did it deserve getting STOLEN?

Because YOU weren't happy with it? It's a ****ing video game. If you bought a car that you weren't happy with, would you go tell all your friends to go around carjacking that model? No, because that's ****ing stupid.

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