New info about Hokuto No Ken Musou has written: "Some information on the title

The game is a scrolling Beat'em up to three-dimensional. The plot, according to developments in the presentation, tells the story of some manga published in Japan and the OAV that we have seen in TV, although for many it will be the merging of 4 feature films "Hokuto no Ken - Legend Julia, Fist of the North - The Legend of Raoul, Fist of the North - The Legend of Toki and finally Fist of the North - The Legend of Kenshiro. After the death of Yuria, the beloved Ken kidnapped by Shin, who committed suicide by throwing himself into space while the "Southern Cross" (his hometown) has fallen into misery and devastation, Ken Shiro takes his first trip with the goal of meeting Shin. You can choose to impersonate Ken Shiro or the brother Raoul. To be confirmed whether they will be made exclusive version of the cover of Ken or Raoul. The main characters revealed are Ken Shiro, his brother Toki, Lynn (adult), his brother Raoul enemy and Shin. Also those narrated in the stories and then Burt and Lynn (even teenagers), Mamiya, Ain, Jagger, Toki, Kaio, Rei, Sauzer, Yuda, Juza as well as the general school of Gent. The environments revealed are so far four. The city after the Holocaust, the temple of demons, the pyramid in the desert and the kingdom of Shin."

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Looking forward to this game. I love 3D fighters like God Hand.

BTW this game is called fist of the north star warriors.

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