G4TV Tech Review: Samsung 8500 LED HDTV

G4TV writes: "If you're looking for a new HD TV, keep an eye on the Samsung 8500 LED TV. Kevin Pereira and Sara Jean Underwood review its 1.6" thick frame, impressive picture quality and downloadable Internet widgets for a mighty $3,800."

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Crazyglues3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

For gaming, nothing and I mean nothing will beat the Samsung PN50B860 Plasma 50 inch HDTV

It' has 0.01ms response time, and it's 600mhz not no weak 240mhz, and in gaming words that means no lag what's so ever in you game response, sometimes you get this little blur that makes you a little dizzy on an LCD, because of the weak response time (usually 6 to 8 ms -lower is better).. but with the plasma it's like a CRT computer monitor. So it's Awesome.

Best TV for Gaming - And it's an Awesome TV for blu-rays or just watching HDTV, and it's just as thin as this one. Plus it's much cheaper then this one, price is around $1,345 (lowest I've seen) to about a high of $1,579 US -still much cheaper then this $3500 set.

So for gamers I recommend that TV over getting the one they reviewed, that thing would be a huge waste of money.


likedamaster3216d ago

You're absolutely right, that response rate is impeccable. Led tv's will eventually reach that response time and right now LED's have higher contrast... a lot higher contrast. Plasmas over LCDs anytime, though.

kalistyles3216d ago

Nice TV, but its no Pioneer Kuro like mine is. Best TV ever reviewed. For an 18 month old tv there's still nothing that beats it. It's the King of Plasma!

Crazyglues3216d ago

That's like the best of the best, the Pioneer Kuro but they don't make them anymore...

But amazing HDTV

kalistyles3216d ago

Yea. i bought that one because I wanted one for a while and knowing that they were stopping production it would be like a collectors item. I love it. Hopefully Pioneer will make a return to making tv's.

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