Unplayed: The Most Underappreciated Games Of The Decade

The best games are never forgotten. Even if they sell poorly, they live on because gamers and critics can't stop talking about them. What about the next-best games, though? With hundreds of new titles being released each year, the low-selling games that aren't showered with awards are in danger of being swept under the rug.

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darkequitus3219d ago

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was badly delayed because of the HL2 code theft. I stopped playing because I could not handle the bugs.

Although I played Mirror's Edge on the 360, I bought it again during the steam sale. I really like the clean architecture in this game.

I am playing Stalker:CS at the moment. the first, like the second used to break save with every patch. Hence, why I only got back to CS last week. I lost my original disk while moving from the UK to the US. But again Steam saved me and I picked it up for $4.

Jamescagney3219d ago

Yeah Bloodlines is buggy as hell, even after the official patches and the unofficial patches. What's worse is that it is so badly optimised, every time I've upgraded since it came out I try the game out to see if it performs better, but there's still slowdown at certain points. Which is annoying as I know that it is a good game because I've struggled through some of it but stopped eventually as it was just too much of a chore to play.

Magna Farta3219d ago

I've played Bloodlines on an X1950 PRO and the latest unofficial patch and there's very few points in the game where I experience slowdown.

I personally find this one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played, and anyone who's played Fallout 3 can appreciate the gameplay, even though this predates it by 5 years.

It was really ahead of it's time, and now it's one of the rarer finds as far as PC games go. It consistently goes for $60-$80 online and I'm glad I've kept my copy this whole time.

Saaking3219d ago

Lost Odyssey should be added there. I just finished disk 1 and so far it's a very great game. The only real problem is the loading times, but other than that I think the game was very underrated.

EvilCackle3219d ago

I played through Bloodlines twice and never experienced any big glitches. I don't doubt there were some bugs but nothing stuck out as game-breaking. I'm sort of used to wrestling with PC games, though, as I'm not really diligent about upgrading my system.

Jamescagney3219d ago

Maybe it's something to do with the graphics card, the last ati card I had was a 9800 pro, it didn't run too well with that though.

Arnon3219d ago

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines was an extremely underrated game. For anyone wanting to try it out, don't take the cutscenes as it's final look. They basically had to give you low budget, low quality cutscenes due to issues that they went through.

akiraburn3219d ago

I have played Vtm:B several times through, and it's one of my top favorite titles of all time, despite it's initial hangups. The first time I played through using a P4 w/HT and an older GeForce card (6600 AGP 8X I believe). As you could imagine, it was slow, problematic and immensely long load times. Though on my most recent play through, I was using a Q6600 quad, GeForce 8800 GTS, and it ran basically flawlessly.

For what it was, I felt the game was not unplayable with bugs in it's initial release, though it did have it's problems. Although, after playing on the community created patches, it's amazing to see what the game looks like in a more complete form. The last time I tried it was probably 2 releases ago, and between all the added lines of dialogue that were never scripted, or the bugs fixed, and basic game changes, it's become an even more fulfilling game.

Overall, for those who haven't tried the game, it's truly a superb experience and title, especially if you are originally a fan of Vampire the Masquerade, the FPS/RPG genre blend, or just games with amazing story and gameplay. The fact that each clan has varying dialogue choices, sometimes special unique lair locations, or that each situation can be approached different depending on your set of skills and disciplines, and most importantly the consistent support of a user community that is still improving the game and releasing patches after 5 years, offers fun and significant re-playability for quite a while to come.

The only other game I would like to mention would be Deus Ex. Even though that game won many, many awards, I don't think that enough of an audience ever really got to see the masterpiece that it was, since only a small percentage of the gaming community are PC gamers. And taking the PS2 port into account, it just wasn't created well enough in some areas, nor marketed well enough, to really get recognized the way it deserved by the public. Deus Ex is also one of my top favorite games of all time (if my avatar wasn't a give-away).

Tony P3219d ago

Hell yeah. VtM is a great game and should be played NOW, if possible:

It's in Los Angeles, my hometown. Definitely a mark for that (GTA San Andreas!). It's awesome to see stuff like the SM pier rendered into the game. There's a very open world feel to it, though on a smaller scale than TES games. And it's fresh because it's one of the few RPGs set in contemporary times.

It's got a lot of hot girls. Superficial, yes. I find the models attractive to look at even though (and sometimes because) they all use the same boobular body type. Point is, you really appreciate the design aspects next to games like Oblivion or Fallout. Makes you wonder why other WRPG devs like Bethesda (and sometimes BioWare) can't make a cute girl to save their lives.

It's unapologetically not for kids. I see few games willing to make that commitment meaningfully these days.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3219d ago

"Prey" is a game that doesn't get mentioned nearly enough.

If you are a FPS fan and you haven't played this game, you should.

I absolutely loved it (I played the Xbox 360 version) and it can be had for under $20.

mistajeff3218d ago


I totally agree with you on Prey. What's worse is, when I DO see it mentioned (except for the recent Steam sell-out), it's usually in a "biggest disappointments" article or something similar. Screw that, I LOVED Prey, and everyone I know who's played it absolutely loved it. I played it for PC, but when I got my 360 I borrowed it from a friend for 360 and 4 of my roommates traded off and beat it in one sitting because they were all so hooked.

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RememberThe3573219d ago

That maybe my favorite game ever and no one bought it.

EvilCackle3219d ago

It still got plenty of awards, though. The intent of the list is to highlight the stuff that wasn't really on anyone's radar screen (gamers or critics).

mrv3213219d ago

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune... it only got the respect it deserve with the release on Uncharted 2 and even then they'd still bash it.

Relientk773219d ago

If you like Diablo 2 then I would say Nox

the game's incredible, and here are some console games:

- Rogue Galaxy
- Brave Fencer Musashi
- Tactics Ogre
- Grandia 2

The Great Melon3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I just stumbled upon Brave Fencer Musashi a few days ago and decided to buy it. Never heard of it at the time I purchased it, but I have seen several people praise it since then. Might give it a try sometime this week.

Bnet3433219d ago

Musashi came out in 1998 ...

akiraburn3218d ago

Nox was actually a really cool game, and it's sad that the sequel was canceled. I really enjoyed the first game, and in terms of top-down action/rpgs, it had several aspects that made it even superior to Diablo 2. It's definitely worth checking out Nox.

As for Rogue Galaxy, I would completely agree, if it weren't for the last quarter of the game. Between the "Drigelams" and the story behind them, as well as several other issues, it really ruined a lot of the game for me. And really I was hoping for another planet or two to be able to explore. That's just my opinion though. Regardless, I think WKC will be awesome, and I really enjoyed both Dark Cloud games (especially the second one).

Brave Fencer (and Swordsman) Musashi are definite mentions as well that are well worth checking out. Also, another mention that should be on here is Tales of Symphonia. While other Tales games have been really good, this one I felt was their pinnacle, and was perfected in nearly every way. Since it was a Gamecube exclusive in all other regions besides Japan (only region that received a PS2 version), it was largely unseen and unnoticed by the public. During it's first few months after release I myself had heard nothing about it, and it was just a random game rental one day, turning out to be a very awesome experience. I do recommend it as well.

Bnet3433219d ago

It got 9's and 8's and sold over 1 million ....

Excalibur3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

over a million on 3 systems.

OXM gave it a 6.5 out of 10, I'd say that's pretty unappreciated.

Dead Space is a fantastic game, I'm surprised it didn't do waaay better than it did.

EvilTwin3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

The comments on MadWorld:

"If someone tells you that an upcoming Wii title is going to make the console a destination for mature gamers, take them to Gamestop and point at the unsold stacks of MadWorld. People expected a revolution out of this gory beat 'em up and it only managed to sell 60K copies in its first month on the shelves. While it's a gory game, there's more to the game than just over-the-top executions. The comic book-style graphics, visceral combat, and deft story penned by designer Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII) would've been enough to make this a hit on any other console."

Where to begin?

One, why does everyone have this absolute chub for first-month sales? Not all games can open like Halo. MadWorld's lifetime sales are actually decent:

Two, yes, there's more to the game than over-the-top executions. But it's worth mentioning just how repetitive the gameplay is between the sections where the story is told.

Three, this would've been an absolute hit on other consoles? Really? The Clover/Platinum guys have had this problem before (and it's not limited to one console). And how many black and white, six-hour long repetitive brawlers with no replay value do you see on the 360 or PS3? Plus it's already a moderate success on Wii.

SpoonyRedMage3219d ago

Even if Madworld is underappreciated...surely God Hand is a much better example? It didn't get the reviews it deserved because reviewers are noobs and sold significantly less on a bigger userbase which was more inclined to buying mature games.

EvilTwin3219d ago

It's a MUCH better example (as are plenty of other gems from the PS2 era that didn't do huge numbers) overall, but for this year, MadWorld is the token under appreciated brawler, I guess.

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