Playstation: The Official Magazine Gran Turismo 5 cover

The upcoming February issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine will be featuring a world exclusive cover story on Gran Turismo 5.

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swiftshot933214d ago

OMG, finally! They got some hands on with Modnation and Bioshock 2 as well, very sweet.

FrankenLife3213d ago

All I really want to know at this point is if it will have the Regular Priced Car from Top Gear, along with The Stig's times for cars.

unrealgamer583214d ago

"They teased that the Ferrari on the cover, which will be one of a thousand cars that will be available in the game, can be wrecked." =]

soljah3214d ago

and so it begins. gt baby

oh and btw expect to have minds blown starting next week with gow3 coverage. we haven't seen nothing yet. this game is going to amaze even more then uc2

Assassin Creed3214d ago


3213d ago
vyralx3214d ago

"Gran Turismo 5 will be released exclusively for the Playstation 3 in North America NEXT SUMMER"
...the fu*k!!

gunnerforlife3213d ago

didn't you know MS bought Half the Rights of GT from Sony, so in Europe its gone be multi >_>

seriously thought it is the American version of PS lol

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The story is too old to be commented.