The Bitbag 2009 Editor's Choice Award Nominee Picks: Torrence Davis

The Bitbag writes: "It's that time of the year again! It's time for Bitbaggers to vote on their GOOTIES! The Gootie award is given to developers and publishers for their outstanding work in the video game industry. This year, each editor will post their nominations for each category. After all the nominations are posted, we will tally the results and the top 4 games of each category will make the final nominee list. From that list we will vote on the winners and the nominee with the most votes wins the category."

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ifhd3215d ago

where is Demon’s Souls?
anyone on the bitbag know about it?
it is a game made by From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and published by SCEI in Japan and Atlus Co. in the US.

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