VGChartz Wii Game of the Year

It's been a year of revivals, remakes, and revolutions in game control for the Wii, as it closes the decade with a very respectable lineup for 2009. In the course of one year, VGChartz has seen such varied titles as MadWorld, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Wii Sports Resort, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The VGChartz staff have chosen their picks for the cream of the Wii's crop this year, and also got the users to send in their votes. So, did your favourite game win? Read on to find out!

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bmw694726d ago

Amazing to see Silent Hill: Shattered Memories so high! New SMB Wii and Wii Sports Resort I expected but those were a bit of a shock...

FrankWest4726d ago

Silent Hill seems to have gotten awards everywhere, I think I'll give the game a play, I had lost faith in the series lately, but maybe it's a return to the old glory

MisterPickles24726d ago

I'd have given Shattered Memories Action-Adventure of the Year, but the fact that it won Runner-Up in three categories shows that VGC knows a great game when it sees one :)

EvilTwin4726d ago

The reviews for Shattered Memories are all over the place, but most of the reader reviews I've seen are glowing. I think I'll have to end up purchasing it now.

Also good to see the even-handed tackling of Conduit. It's not a bad game at all. But IGN over hyped that sucker to high hell. With bland art design and a game-killing multiplayer bug (damn you, wall spawn!), it wasn't the game changer it was made out to be. But there are worse things than not living up to your potential.

bmw694726d ago

Best Silent Hill to date then?

Jamescagney4726d ago

I wouldn't say best, but it's a refreshing take on the SH series. One of the best.

Homicide4726d ago

That title belongs to SH2, but the technology (the phone and all)in Shattered Memories is amazing.

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EvilTwin4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

Lots of people hate on VGC, but I think those awards are spot-on. It's hard to argue with NSMB; Nintendo can make a great 2D platformer in their sleep.

The shooter category is a tough one -- the two best games aren't new. But COD4 was seeing its first release on Wii, while we'd already had Metroid...although not Prime 1 and 2 with pointer controls. I guess I'd have to give it to 'Troid, too (although I really do love COD:MWR).

I'd put TW10 as the top sports game (as it's probably the best golf sim ever made) and add Other M to the most anticipated, but those are minor quibbles.

Good job, VGC.

bmw694726d ago

Tiger Woods is great but Resort is totally groundbreaking in my opinion...

pcz4726d ago

i don't know why people didn't have faith in it... i always thought the idea of it was great

RockmanII74726d ago

I disagree with Metroid winning best shooter. It is the best shooter, but it isn't fair to count it in the 2009 category. Maybe an Honorable Mention but not an award. CoD Reflex,though already released in 2007, was never on the Wii while Metroid was. CoD reflex should of had first and The Conduit have second and an honorable mention to Metroid.

EvilTwin4726d ago

That's how I felt initially, too.

But you could argue that Prime 1 and 2 weren't "released" on Wii before. They were available via backward compatability, but not with the enhancements, most notably the revised control scheme, which VASTLY improves both games (that were already incredible to begin with).

I love MWR, but I was playing Trilogy last night...and it's just amazing how good those games are. Even visually -- the 7-year old Prime port looks far superior to the 2-year old MWR port.

But then again...I can't deny that COD:MWR is, hands down, the best online shooter on Wii. It's the best game to play online on Wii, period. That DOES deserve some praise. I hope Treyarch really knocks the next Wii COD out of the park.

Seferoth754726d ago

Metroid 1 and 2 were never on the Wii either. Sorry but the whole "It wasnt on Wii" excuse doesnt work for me. It's a port of a 2 year old game that should have been out 2 years ago.

Shnazzyone4726d ago

It's rare i agree with an end of year awards story. But this one is right on all counts. An article from vgcharts that i like? Who knew?!

BTW, seeing all that reminds me of just how 2009 was for wii owners. To me.. punchout should have been game of the year. Though the impact of NSMB wii is undeniable. Also, shame Trilogy was released this year or reflex would have had the best shooter category and it really would deserve it.