Sony To Combine Game, Other Distribution Infrastructure

Media giant Sony has confirmed that its main company and the PlayStation 3-creating Sony Computer Entertainment subsidiary will combine hardware distribution operations to save money, according to media reports.

A Bloomberg News report confirms an earlier Nikkei newspaper report that the two divisions will combine forces to put physical distribution of Sony products under one unified roof.

Previously, Sony's televisions and other hardware were distributed by a separate set of employees in the parent company, and Sony spokesperson Mami Imada noted that the two divisions would "combine distribution routes and jointly bid for contracts".

Sony boss Howard Stringer has recently vowed that the segment of its business that houses the PlayStation 3 should achieve profitability by March 2011.

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DrRobotnik3214d ago

Someone woke this sleeping giant.

Saaking3214d ago

The next price drop will probably be like in 2011. Sony is going to keep their moment with big AAA heavy hitters next year, especially GT5. A price drop won't be needed.

sikbeta3214d ago

This is something I thought a long time ago, Sony is so HUGE that actually every subsidiary/division act like if they're from different Companies

Sarcasm3214d ago

"Sony is so HUGE that actually every subsidiary/division act like if they're from different Companies "

That's the crazy part. There's so many different CEOs in Sony, which means there's tons of different bosses with different ideas.

StanLee3214d ago

You hit the nail on the head. I don't know how this can be seen as a good thing. The Playstation division needs autonomy.

zoks3103214d ago

This is his only task, unify this giant company and make it act as a whole.

Sony was too segregated and they make way too many products and very rarely getting a "Hero Product" like the PS2/PS1 or the first Walkman.

Once Sony becomes streamlined in 2013, when Sir Howard Stringer plan will be complete, Sony will be a force to be reckon with.
Imagine Sony BGM, 3D gaming, Bravia, PSN, Columbia Pictures, WalkMan, Ericson and PlayStation all marching to the same tune, to provide entertainment on a scale only available from Sony products.

But only time will tell.

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unrealgamer583214d ago

no they're at the "sweet spot" I seriously doubt we'll see another price for a long time

wages of sin3214d ago

It's definably more affordable for the average consumer but not the historical "sweet spot".

This news I find very interesting because this has serious future potential. With Sony having it's expertise and notoriety in overall electronics I wonder what kinda hybrid PS3 products we could see? Special Bravia sets with built in PS3 ability? Or perhaps a modified Sony "Home" package that has everything you need to enjoy blu-ray gaming and movies at one pre-packaged quality price? Just think of the design aesthetics they could do with that.

The mind wonders...

Sarcasm3214d ago

$200 isn't exactly the sweet spot. Look at how long the 360 is at $200, yet it's not flying off the shelves.

It still boils down to content and value. Although value is taking a back seat to consumers because of the economy.

wages of sin3214d ago

If you look at it historically, $200 is absolutely the sweet spot. The 360 not flying off of the shelves is the exception to that rule. Look at the PS2 for example. The Wii as well.

deadlyliquidxxx3214d ago

from weird to funny, i feel like they gotta foreign french or german guy to do the first set of commercials

CrippleH3214d ago

Funny commercials are always a win. Geico and other commercials owe their success to their funny commercials.

devilhunterx3214d ago


(play the theme song)

Assassin Creed3214d ago

AND MICROBOT To Combine 3 RINGS OF RED,BOTS, Other Distribution

Infrastructure TO BURN THEM TO HELL.

Taz Yamauchi3214d ago

tsa-tsatsra tsa tsaaaaaaa!! tsa-tsatsra tsa tsraaaaaaa!!

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