Insider's Guide to Maximizing Game Trade-In Values at Gamestop and Other Retailers

Bright Hub writes: "One of the most disappointing things during my time as a store manager for the country's largest video game retailer was constantly seeing customers receive depressingly small amounts of credit for the games they traded in. I understand that the company has a right to make money, but we as consumers don't have to automatically accept whatever price the clerk behind the counter quotes us. There are ways to increase the amount you get for your games.

Now, I'm not talking about anything illegal or unscrupulous. I'm merely saying that there are perfectly acceptable ways to manipulate the system to ensure you get the highest possible value for your trade
ins. I used these methods to ensure that I always had enough credit to pick up those hot upcoming games, and in the interest of improving the lives of gamers everywhere, I'm passing on a few of my favorites."

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placebo433310d ago

Interesting... I will give a few of these a try.

bruddahmanmatt3310d ago

The best piece of advice this donkey could have given to folks who do trade in games is to sell them privately. I never trade in games because honestly, it's simply NOT worth it. If you're going to trade in games quickly like the genius who conjured up this rubbish suggested, you're better off picking up a Gamefly subscription and renting games on a regular basis. I think even Blockbuster may allow people to rent games without a set return date now.

That being said, if you really want to trade in your games, sell them on craiglist, gaming forums or ebay. If you sell someone a copy of Modern Warfare 2 for $30 on your own, it's a lot better than getting jacked by Gamestop when they tell you "oops, your game is only worth $15", only to have them turn around and sell it to some uneducated and unsuspecting sucker for $45. Both you and the buyer win out in a private sale.

Getting back to my personal "no trade" policy, it's more economical to shop smart in the first place so that you don't have to worry about scrounging up old games in an attempt to make a quick buck. Pick up the games you really want on launch day and save the ones that seem iffy to be picked up in 4-6 months when they go on sale in the bargain bin for $10-$20 at Target/Wal-Mart/Amazon. I will admit that I missed out on playing some fantastic games early on, but you can't argue with paying $10 for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Dead Space and Warhawk. Even if a game ends up being mediocre (as was the case when I bought Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and when a friend bought FEAR2: Project Origin), you really can't get mad at $10. Patience is the key to keeping your gaming budget in check, and believe me, I have a crapload of games.

Sandwich Bender3310d ago

I don't trade in a lot of games because of the low values, but this is some pretty great advice.

xTruthx3309d ago

If you have a bank account, sell them on ebay, you get twice or more the value gamestop will give you, that's what I do.

Myst3310d ago

First of all I wish I was rich enough to be able and use money as toilet paper.

Second this is pretty good information to those who do trade in. Before I used to trade games in, but now I don't anymore; because usually down the line I'll more than likely want to play that game again.

Sandwich Bender3310d ago

Pffft, he's only use $1 bills for toilet paper! For me, when it comes to wiping, it's all about the Benjamins.

Muckbeast3310d ago

This is an amazing article that is HUGELY helpful.

young juice3310d ago

I tried to trade in ac2 at gamestop 2 weeks after it came out, and i was like HOLY SH*T they would only give me 30 bucks .thats how i found goozex and traded in ac2 for killzone 2 and mgs4.

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