Naughty Dog: A lot to Get Out of PS3 Hardware

When Naughty Dog launched Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in October, gamers around the world were amazed at the graphical presentation Naughty Dog was able to create. With amazing looking characters, detailed environments, and vibrant visuals, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was quickly designated as one of the best looking games of the generation. As hardware ages, developers become more accustomed to the hardware, but they also usually begin to feel some constraints. Naughty Dog doesn't feel constrained at all, though. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

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rebirthofcaos3214d ago

ill disagree with you since uncharted 2 blows away bayonetta. Also bayonetta is an example of how it was not propertly ported to ps3

mastiffchild3214d ago

Or blame the other carpenter(noones tools) who started the woodworking in the first place but refused to make two, erm, wardrobes so a second carpenter had to rush to fill the order for theb other wardrobe but having not designed said gaming wardrobe didn't do as great a job as the first carpenter-I ceratianly blame Platinum for it all-if they wanted a 360 exclusive that's what they should have made, no?

Then they wouldn't have had to gimp even that version by worrying about how Sega would port it to PS3 like they did. Parity among multi plats-it's the curse of this generation and ruins TONS of games imo.That said, the Bayonetta port isn't nearly as bad as made out and nor is the 360 version as perfect as it's made out and I rate it as one of the biggest overreactions I've seen in gaming-and we see a LOT of it, don't we? FFS G'Busters was worse before the patch than Bayonetta is and that was supposedly led on the PS3 so can we give Sega some slack as without them I'd have to play Bayonetta on my 360 and therefore on a pad that really doesn't suit it or me.

ND, however, are always good to hear from. Uncharted is a fabulous series and, for me(slightly)beats out Gears as my favourite action IP of this generation(presentation and better characters/script AND the online works a lot better)and I'm always inter5ested in what they have tro say. It's interesting as ND are one of the better console devs around these days that they would like LONGER to work on the sdame tech while I'd always assumed(mainly through reading iD and Valve interviews , mind)developers liked the possibilities of new tech rather than feeling limited by the old. I womnder if it really is just a console dev/PC dev difference which shows the two ways of working-one cleverly eeking everything out of old, yet complex, architechture while the other cleverly gets more out of newer(but simpler to use)tech on PC upfront(in terms of generation cycles)and what does that say about PC andcpnsoole gamers as, surely PC and coonsole devs are a product of their markets, no?

Anyway, it's great to hear them say their cheif limit is time and not tech or imagination.

ChozenWoan3214d ago

I agree 100%

Seeing what they have done on consoles, imagine if ND hand PC (Crysis maxed out) specs to work with. PC only devs just don't know how great they have it... >_> ... Valve.

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jerethdagryphon3213d ago

@ 1.7

valyria cronicles is very very good but it needs a seperate multiplaye mode and definitly a sqeual or another game on the ps3

zeeshan3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

If Naughty Dogs are saying that they'd like to work on PS3 for 4-6 more years then there has got to be a lot more juice in that black beauty(PS3) than we all anticipated. Don't get me wrong. We all knew it was more powerful than 360 but THIS powerful that it can last 6 more years while keeping devs happy, that's a lot of horsepower!

reckoner3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Can't wait for 2010.

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swiftshot933214d ago

I dont see how you came to the conclusion of Alan Wake being graphically superior to Uncharted 2. Its simple, the amount of polygons being displayed on screen in Alan Wake doesnt touch Uncharted 2. Also the amount of action going on-screen isnt nearly the same, as evidenced by the Alan Wake demo at E3 which was said to be one of the more action oriented segments of the game. Character models, animation, loading....the list goes on...

Take note: I didnt say it wasnt possible for the 360 to have U2 graphics. Obviously its Naughty Dog's 2nd game and they've had a lot of time to update their engine and have learned a lot. Remedy is still working on their first game.

i_am_interested3214d ago

alan wake?

how exactly can you tell it looks better? anytime he goes near an object it fades to blacks preventing you from seeing any detail, which is why it seems like 1/3 of the screen is blacked out while he's walking at night

spunnups3214d ago

If i'm not mistaken, most of the gameplay we've seen was on the PC, as far as Alan Wake goes. (They used a 360 controller)

Anon19743214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

You stated "I didnt say it wasnt possible for the 360 to have U2 graphics."

Hell. I'll say it. Uncharted 2 graphics aren't possible on the 360. And the reason I know is because it hasn't been done. The 360's most impressive game graphically was Gears of War, released back in 2006 (fantastic game, by the way). It remained the graphical crown jewel for the 360 for 2 years until Gears of War 2 was released, and Gears 2 only looked slightly better.

If the 360 was capable of something even close to Uncharted, we would have seen it by now. Some company would have pushed the envelope. It hasn't happened and even the games on the horizon don't look close to a game like Uncharted 2, or Killzone 2.

It's nice to speculate that it'll happen, but I choose to stick to reality. It's been 4 years. Until some company comes along and proves differently I don't think it's too much of a stretch to conclude the 360 simply can't manage games like these.

Obama3214d ago

If Alan Wake looks so good then why didn't it any best graphic award from E3 09? It looks mediocre at best.

CrippleH3214d ago

There is only 1 multi platform game that uses all 6 SPUs that is FF13. Maxed out sure.... Most multi platform game uses only 1-3 SPUs.

Naughtydog will bring the house down for Uncharted 3.

sikbeta3214d ago

Wrong example guy

I don't want to start, but I only going to say that Alan Wake was supposed to be a OPEN WORLD game and then Devs cutoff that in order to make it look Graphically better

Bodyboarder_VGamer3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I think that he's just joking because there's no way that is possible... Alan Wake doesn't look better than the last Alone in the Dark or Silent Hill game. =|

bjornbear3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )


oh forgot to mention, all those links: PC ;-P

Ravage273213d ago

Seriously? Is Alan Wake the best you guys can come up with? Looks like we will never see a 360 exclusive that looks better than the FIRST Uncharted, Drake's Fortune.

baum3213d ago

How can Alan Wake be proof that PS3 is maxed out if it's a 360 exclusive? If anything they had to downgrade its open nature due to obsolete 360 hardware. Logic FTW

blackpanther253213d ago

and then when I heard that crap I felt super disappointed but whatever i will still give the game a try

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talltony3214d ago

New hardware tricks are discovered all the time and now less ram is needed for the os which means more ram for games.

Hanif-8763214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Heavy Rain is proof that there's alot more power left untapped in the PS3. I'm sure we'll start to see the PS3 shine even more in 2010 when AAA games like Gran Turismo 5 comes out. that game is looking to be the best racing simulator in both physics and graphics.

Assassin Creed3214d ago

flop10:A lot to Get Out of xbot Hardware=FLOPS

Bill Gates3213d ago

You BABOONS hear that? It's the sound of what comes out of the 360, FART sounds as it's puttin' along trying desperatelly not to CRASH while running CRAP games...AHAHAHAHA