David Jaffe says he would change God of War to mix in Zelda 64 elements

David Jaffe has reflected on the God of War series and explained that if he were to create God of War now, he would like to mix elements of God of War and the Zelda titles from the N64.

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Ziriux3984d ago

Hmm, I'm not too sure about that, one game is fast paced the other one isn't.

Bungie3984d ago

Darksiders already did that

keep God of War as awesome as it's now

Saaking3984d ago

Yea, I don't think they would mix very well. Anyways, has there been any new info on Jaffe's new game yet?

RememberThe3573984d ago

I think this is one of those ideas that sounds good but wouldn't execute very well. I think he found a winning formula with GOW, if he wanted to do a GOW+Zelda gameplay style then he should just make an other game.

morganfell3983d ago

Denis Dyack worked on some great games. Then he went off the deep end.

Dave Jafee, you are using the same faulty map...

barom3983d ago

The Ancient Greek world actually does lend itself to an open world type of game. I think it actually would've been interesting to see the God Of War franchise in an open world rpg'ish like Dragon Age or Zelda 64 (I said rpg'ish). There is a lot of history that could be told and I actually do wish I knew more. I find GoW to expect the player to know a lot of the faces they introduce. I mean the Gods are often easy to identify but people like Icarus are more difficult.

Anyway I don't think it's such a bad idea but it would probably be a totally different game than what we have now. I would like to see it, not if it would cost me the GoW we all know today though.

Kevin ButIer3983d ago

Thats not even make sense...

StanLee3983d ago

Too late Jaffe, Vigil already figured it out; the game's called Darksiders, it's out next week and trust me, it fcuking rocks!

SilentNegotiator3983d ago

No thanks. It might be fine for DarkSiders, but I'll always love GOW's style. GOW has it's OWN style, it doesn't need to borrow style from other games.

bjornbear3983d ago

GOW is the ultimate hacknslash franchise for a reason =D

@ cheerleaders

ah so darksiders is the new "game-we-are-getting-so-G OWIII-won't-seem-that-awsum&quo t;, i thought that was bayonetta =O

darksiders has nothing to do with GOWIII, and i'm sure both will be great games in their own right.

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Sonyslave33984d ago

Sorry Jaffe Darksiders already beat yall to it.

Valay3984d ago

Was just thinking the same thing, really.

YogiBear3983d ago

read the article. it will make your comments less ignorant.

ironcreed3984d ago

Looks like somebody has been keeping an eye on a little game called Darksiders.

Anorexorcist3984d ago

But wow, that art photo up there ^ is truly epic and amazing.

Kratos' slicing away at some demon enemy soldier (with a hook for a left arm) all atop of a flying griffin.

PS3: It only does amazing games that inspire amazing artwork!