Top 10 Favorite Games of the Last Decade

Koku Gamer writes: "As 2009 comes to a close and 2010 is just days away, I decided to look back on the last decade (2000-2009). It was through this period of reflection that I realize that this is the decade when I really defined myself as a gamer. Sure, I played video games before then, but these last ten years are when I became a hardcore gamer that saw video gaming as more than a hobby. Thus, I'd just like to take this article to talk about the ten games that got me to this point. These aren't the games I think are the best created (although I'm sure some of them are among that elite group); these are just my personal favorite games that came out in the first decade of the 21st century."

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WengYong3218d ago

Disagree with a lot of the choices, no mention of some of the classic PS2 titles is a little suspicious, but hey to each their own I guess.

Fallout 3 was awesome, but I enjoyed MGS4 far more. My game of the decade.

Ziriux3218d ago

These are great choices, I love the Knights of the Old Republic titles. Fallout 3 though, is like Elder Scrolls.

WengYong3218d ago

Yeah, but no mention of GTA San Andreas, God Of War or even to a lesser degree Jak And Daxter seems like the author never owned a PS2. But yes agree on KOTOR, great games indeed.

Yeah Fallout 3 was a great game, one of my faves for sure. But MGS4 blew it clean out of the water IMHO.

Good on the author for doing his list though, kudos for being honest.

ReservoirDog3163218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

If I had to make a list, I'd say...

1 MGS3
2 MGS4
3 HL2
5 Uncharted 2
6 Kingdom Hearts
7 LittleBigPlanet
8 Shadow of the Colossus
9 Prince of Persia SoT
10 FFX

Honorable mention: R6 Vegas, CoD4, Oblivion

That looks about right. Probably missing some important ones but that's good enough.

Valay3218d ago

There are some nice choices on there, and I like that Spider-Man 2 was mentioned on there. I remember having such a blast with that game.

PS360PCROCKS3218d ago

Game came outta nowhere and I just happened to play it one day at my friends house and I could play it for hours on end it was so much fun swinging around. Spiderman 3 sucked hardcore

Carnage12903218d ago

Definitely an original list with not just a bunch of super obvious choices.

nogolis3218d ago

There are bad choices in life. He's made a lot of them for us.

danielle0073218d ago

That made me literally laugh out loud. A short laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. Adorable!

deadlyliquidxxx3218d ago

i couldent stand the game after a while
plus the physics and character animation were laughable
ud think theyed spend time on that if they spent all that time on the dialouge and story.
I was disgusted playing that game and sold it as soon as i beat it and most of the side missions.
maybe i just cannot stand rpgs to be honest.

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The story is too old to be commented.