PlayStation 3 dominates best games in 2009

TSLT: For Sony and its powerful PlayStation 3, it was better late than never.

While the video game console came out three years ago along with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii, this year the PS3 finally started releasing games worthy of the system's power.

If 2009 is to be remembered in gaming, it's that the video game wars finally became a real three-way race among Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

For Salt Lake Tribune writer Vince Horiuchi and In This Week entertainment critic Ryan Michael Painter, here are the year's Top 10 video games. These are the games that kept them up into the wee hours and happily made them late for work.

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Troll_Police3214d ago

The PS3 definitely dominated 09 and will dominate 2010 as well with games like Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, and MLB 10: The Show. Those games are true exclusives and can only be played on the PS3 and not PC or any other platform.

Anon19743214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

but based on average review scores, 2009 was the year that the majority of multiplats scored better on the PS3.

Multiplats have come a long ways compared to 2007 where, according to metacritic scores, 57% of multiplats scored better on the Xbox 360. Now it looks like that's reversed in the PS3's favor with the majority of titles scoring better on the PS3.

What a difference a couple of years make.

baum3214d ago

2007 was a tie, and 2008 was also dominating for PS3 (you can't lose with LBP and MGS4). Hell, even in 2006 RFOM was better than Gears.

Fact ;)

Jamie Foxx3214d ago

genre pushing games,what we are witnessing is the ONLY console that is pushing boundaries and supplying us with better games than the last each year and 2010 is contiuning that tradition

MAG-never been done on a consle before
HEAVY RAIN- a new niche of its own
MODNATION- build your own mariokart
LAST GUARDIAN-need i say more

swiftshot933214d ago

2007 was easy win for 360. 2008 Sony had the edge. 2009 was dominated by PS3. 2010...

bruddahmanmatt3214d ago

I'm just wondering who these articles are aimed at? Yes it took a while for Sony to get the ball rolling with the PS3, but anyone who has owned a PS1 and/or a PS2 knows that Sony delivers when it comes to console gaming. I almost feel like you'd have to be a complete idiot or a blatant fanboy to NOT know that when it comes to console gaming, Sony FTMFW.

And as other have already stated, 2008 was full of win for PS3 owners as well. Pacific Rift is one of the most underrated racers of this generation.

-Alpha3214d ago

It MAY belong to Sony, but the competition by MS is going to be much more fierce.

Unlike 2009 where MS was aimless like a chicken with its head cut off, 2010 is going to be a close match.

Saaking3213d ago

The PS3 won 2008 for me, destroyed the competition in 2009 and seems like they'll continue their winning streak with 2010.

YES, the 360 does have a lot more games next year BUT the PS3's lineup of true exclusives is just bigger, more varied, and overall better (again, MY opinion).

smturner683213d ago

"but based on average review scores, 2009 was the year that the majority of multiplats scored better on the PS3."

Have fun with that. You cannot use metacritic, or gamerankings, unless you weed out the reviews from websites that are ps3, or xbox360 specific. Let's say that a playstation site(PSM3 Magazine UK), gives bayonetta a 9.0, then a certain xbox site, (teamxbox) gives it an 8. Which happened. That helps give the ps3 metascore a slight edge, when we all know that the 360 version is superior.
If you take the only metascores of sites that review both versions, there won't be much difference. Even when the 360 version is superior, they usually give the ps3 version the same score. Bayonetta is a rare exception, because it is head and shoulders about the ps3 version. If you read reviews, most of the time the 360's version is better. That's what I've encountered. If you haven't then I don't know what to tell ya.

wages of sin3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I understand the premise of the argument clearly enough, it's not like it hasn't been a chanted mantra of Sony fanboys the world over. The question is, how is it not a system exclusive?

As much as some of you would like to make it seem that the 360 has no exclusive games in route it simply isn't the case. The PC has always been counted separate from consoles and when one is speaking on system exclusives, it has always been in reference to what system i.e., console that particular game is available on. Saying that ME2, Alan Wake and others, aren't console exclusive is pulling hairs to say the least and more so an act of desperation on the behalf of some insane cause to justify the purchase of one console over another and to belittle the competition.

The 360 has a ton of exclusive in it's own right coming this year and beyond and I would agree with Alpha when he says that the future remains to be seen. This argument is as childish as any other that a fanboy would make. Especially since no one can see the future and simply naming a list of games coming for the PS3 that are system exclusives, doesn't make them good. Not only that, but, with today's bloated gaming budgets, it's simple numbers for a developer.

The architecture of the 360 is similar to a PC so why not make it available for both too help recoup the financial loss or at least, increase revenue? You think for one second that if the PS3 architecture was easier and more affordable to work with that developers wouldn't make it for the PC as well? And even if they did, it would still be a console exclusive so let's not twist the meaning.

Like moths to a flame, blinded by and driven by an ignorant lust, such futile arguments abound in the gaming community. Review scores, Metacritic score, monthly sales, you name it...all of these things serve no purpose in creating and sustaining a healthy community of gamers. They only act as fodder for fools willing enough to waste precious time playing game X so they can hop online and talk trash about how it "owns" everything else instead of actually playing it and growing the community via informed word of mouth.

The answer is plain and simple. When your watching E3 and the big three are covering what games are coming out on their consoles, it's just that...the big three, not the big four. That's not a slight against PC gaming in the least. To the contrary, it's obvious in the name that there is a separation. Every gamer worth his or her salt knows that there is console gaming and PC gaming. If it's the same thing, if it's not a console exclusive, then why are they separated? Why is it referred to as PC gaming, if it's the same as gaming on a console? It's not, and to argue anything else is disingenuous.

In the end, we all know what they are talking about when either Nintendo, MS or Sony says exclusive. It means exclusive to their respective console. If I want to play ME2 on my console, I'm going to have to get a 360. If I want to play Alan Wake, 360. Could I buy those games on a PC? Absolutely, however, this doesn't negate the fact that it's a console exclusive. The PC is a completely different beast all together. Let it go already. It's as old as hearing the PS3 has no games, that game X has the best graphics-which is mostly based on personal preference- or sales that either don't mean/do mean something depending on what side of this stupid "war" your on.

RememberThe3573213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

dude, you write way too much. You know you could have written a more concise comment.

Anyway, if it's a console exclusive then they shouldn't round up and call it an exclusive game. When you say that a game is exclusive to the 360 it gives the impression that the game is only on the 360. If that is not the case, then it is miss leading.

That is not an invalid argument. It's is actually a very solid argument. If a game is on multiple platforms it is not exclusive. Period.

Jamie Foxx3213d ago

99% of gamers post comments on n4g from their pc, which inturn will have games that they can play on that very same pc which are also on the 360 yet dont own a 360

that there is where the definition not true exclusive comes from,i will enjoy games 360 owners are enjoying with the added plus that the pc ports are usually superior without having to purchase a 360,
plus i get the added bonus of TRUE ps3 exclusives....its good to be a gamer not a hater

Sarcasm3213d ago

Wages of Sin, you could type a novel for all I care. But here's the definition of "Exclusive"

"Adj. shutting out all others from a part or share"

To play PS3 *EXCLUSIVE* games, you need a PS3 and only a PS3.

To play so called "console" exclusives, you can still play them on a PC which is another viable platform. And could it not be argued that PC EXCLUSIVES require only a PC to play? Like WoW, Starcraft II, Counterstrike etc. etc.

So enough with the nonsense trying to justify 360 "exclusives" that's also available on the PC PLATFORM. Read it carefully. PC PLAT-FORM. That's right, the PC is also a PLATFORM.

pippoppow3213d ago

A new term made up by MS console warriors this gen to try and twist the definition to try and pad their list. Only people that own a console and live within some imaginary console war bubble refuse to acknowledge PC gaming.

It's just like FF13 and DC Online. Those games are on the PS3/PC, so why only claim it is on one platform and not the other? 360 gamers can play those games if they have a decent gaming PC without a PS3.

Claiming a game is a "console exclusive" is meaningless to those millions of gamers that own a PC. The truth is that exclusives matter which is why PC ports are are now coined by some as "console exclusives", especially by the 360 fanatics due to MS paltry 1st/2nd party Devs.

sikbeta3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I love what happen when a M$ lover say a game is "exclusive" cuz is on PC/x360 and right after that I tell them that every PC/x360 "exclusive" they have I can play it on my SONY VAIO


Prototype3213d ago

I'm gonna be broke in 2010 with the games coming out...

But I'll be a happy gamer :D

SilentNegotiator3213d ago

TPS/Action-Adventure = Uncharted 2
FPS = Killzone 2
RPG = Demon's Souls
Platformer = Ratchet and Clank: aCiT

wages of sin3213d ago

So rather than actually address my points we have one guy who comments on my post but admits he didn't read it. We have another who gives the definition of the word exclusive and several others who cry foul and then proceed to to say that I'm a "M$" fanboy who lives in some alternate reality. And least I forget the guy who feels I'm discounting the PC as a platform. Notice the difference between the words console and platform, something that I did go into.

You may feel I write too much. That's fine, feel free not to read it, especially when your contribution is "you write too much". Not very helpful. You might want to avoid books if you find that a chore to read.

My point was and simply is that they still remain console exclusive. Trine is on started on PC. Yet and still, it's on PS3. Is Trine a console exclusive? Yes, it is because if I'm getting it on console I have to have a PS3. Not everyone games on their PC and when they do it's for a certain type of experience. The PC is completely...forget it, this is just going in circles. You see it one way, I another. Either way it goes I'll be playing games on my PS3 and my 360 that I can't get on either console. Why I even bother to have a conversation with you Sony is god people I don't know.

Anon19743213d ago

smturner68 said "You cannot use metacritic, or gamerankings, unless you weed out the reviews from websites that are ps3, or xbox360 specific."

Sure you can. That's the magic of average scores. It gives you the average. One or two sites that may inflate their scores are factored in against those sites that give lower scores to give us a more realistic view of the way the majority of reviewers feel towards a game.

And the majority of game reviewers rank the majority of multiplats better on the PS3 in 2009. 2007 the 360 versions scored better. 2008 they were about even with the 360 having a slight edge. 2009 reviewers like the PS3 versions on average.

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SmokingMonkey3214d ago

will be a megaton beast,


The_Zeitgeist3214d ago

Hey I have a God of War E3 Demo code that works if anyone wants to trade for a Mod Nation Racers Beta Code.

-Alpha3214d ago

It's a simple kart racer under the motto of Race. Create. Share.

ModNation is a simple kart racer with lots of tuning options, but I do not see much out of it, certainly not $70 (CND).

It's going to be a great game, but you are over exaggerating if you are calling it a megaton.

Not only is hype relatively mild, even AFTER the beta, but the game does not compare nor have the same reaction that LittleBigPlanet did.

So, not to crush your spirits or anything, but calling it a megaton is just putting undeserving hype onto the game.

mfwahwah3213d ago

At least 12 SONY fanboys read the comment above mine.

Modnation Racers is a beast / megaton? Then what the Hell do you call Gran Turismo 5!?

jonnydize3214d ago

will surely dominate 2010 as well.

foreverflame3214d ago

The only thing ps3 dominated was being in last place with many flop sales like uncharted 2,killzone 2 and many other flops.

The_Zeitgeist3214d ago

Quality over quantity every time.

3sq3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Cry MOARRRRRR hehehe, I love seeing your butthurt face. ;)

Me: Why 360 sold a lot? (Even though 1 year ahead of others)
foreverflame: Cuz I had to buy many replacement 360 ¤%#%!¤#%&

Me: Why 360 games sold a lot? (Only Halo and Gears)
foreverflame: Cuz mah 360 scratches mah disc #¤"%%#%

Me: Why do you keep talking about PS3 excluive?
foreverflame: Cuz I have no exclusive, only DLC sh1t (making a sad face)

Me: Why do you keep buying faulty hardware?
foreverflame: Well, I don't know, maybe because I love kissing MS's ass or I'm just too stupid.

Me: Why don't you buy a PS3?
foreverflame: Mah mom won't buy it for me...she said I already have a 360 (making a sad face again).

Karooo3214d ago

2 million + is flop now according to xbot standards lmao, what a bunch of fggets.

stonecold13213d ago

masseffect 1 banjo kazzoie all flops and all say hi the crapbox didnt even bring its own games to the table now thats what you get when theres alast gen console called the 360 thats why the 360 rip in 2009 m$ go back and make software they are atari all over

rohail883213d ago

some ones feeling the pain up his a$$!

The Iron Sheik3213d ago

I hope you got a hemorrhoid donut for christmas. Otherwise it must be really painful sitting down when you are so butthurt.

You chose poorly in this console war. Deal with it.

3213d ago
infekt3213d ago

Oh man.. that was funny. I cant get that song out of my head.. Game of the Year! Game of the Year! Kill em all! lmfao.

Justin_bristoe3213d ago

you ppl cant except that all the praise ps3 gets is for a real reason and not because sony is buttering everyone up so they can make excuses for their lack of games hardware quality and costomer care like another company i know that starts with an M FOR MISTAKE!

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The_Zeitgeist3214d ago

Every game I want to play this year with the exception of one is on PS3. The exception being Alan Wake.

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