GameInformer: Taking To The Skies With Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

GameInformer writes: "Aside from a port of Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, Wing Island and a few other scattered titles, the Wii hasn't had many flight-oriented games - let alone any that were worth playing. That could change in January, when The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces lands onto shelves. Developed by Project Aces, the team behind the Ace Combat series, the game aims to bring its brand of melodrama-infused flight-sim action to the console. We spent some time with a preview version of Innocent Aces, and it looks like the game is on course to deliver just that."

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Shnazzyone3217d ago

Nice to see wii graphics finally getting on par with the graphics of the original xbox like it should. Actually looks a bit better then a last gen Xbox game. Now the question is if it's going to be a good title, not just a good looking title. Hope the murmur out from the game journalist community is worth it. Like to add this to my growing list of worth while wii games for 2010.

EvilTwin3217d ago

Some of those screens look really nice.

But complimentary GI previews are nothing new. The review score will be another matter entirely.

That said, I've wanted a good flying game for awhile (Blazing Angels just didn't quite make the grade, IMO). Hopefully this one delivers.

3217d ago