Demon's Souls Strategy Guide: The Tower of Latria

Demon's Souls is as unforgiving as it is beautiful and innovative, so to the help with the former, GamerSydrome is here to lend a hand with some tips and strategy that may very well keep you from breaking your controller against a nearby wall. In this guide we take a look at the third area in the game, the creepy and slightly disturbing Tower of Latria.

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Sarevok3220d ago

I'm so lost on this level atm...

villevalorox3220d ago

the only thing you need to know is take your time, and do not try this level if you are new without anti magic miracle. Then it's all good, btw just got my talisman of beast :D Just thought I would put that out there so happy :) .

DaTruth3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I'm on my third playthrough and still never seen Mephistopheles. Talisman of the beasts has eluded me!

Didn't have a problem with this level, even without Anti-magic field. But I farmed a lot! The second time was much easier due to Silver shield.

A LIVING LEGEND3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Flame bolt or fire weapons on the Octo-guys.Failing that,a good dagger or spear works well.
Maneater is nothing if you either; Glitch-kill no.1 with arrows or use the brazier to create "overstrikes" and then counter-attack,HARD.A spear(quality or sharp) works wonders.
The gargoyles are dangerous but predictable and weak against Soul Arrow or....a decent spear.Arrows and bolts work as well.
The monks guardian is easily killed with either flame or an quality winged spear+5(7 hits).
keep moving,keep him at range.
Anti-magic is not required,but helps.Keep them at spearpoint and voila'.


Always wait until the octo-guys turn,they have a very slow turn around time.easy work for an equipped demon slayer.
The black phantom before Fool's Idol(church steps) is EASILY dealt with by blocking or dodging bolt and using soul arrow.A double-handed spear attack is awesome as well,it stuns her briefly.Just watch your stamina......