Teenager Asks For Modern Warfare 2 For Christmas, Gets This Instead

A slightly more light-hearted news story here, a teenager asked for a copy of Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas, but ended up getting something quite different.

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PirateThom3220d ago

Not even the Blu-ray version :(

Bloodraid3220d ago

Ahah, nice comment mate.

As for MW2, I'm glad he didn't get it. He deserves not to have to play that piece of crap.

Sunny_D3220d ago

Well, atleast the boy was greatful and still thanked his grandparents for the gift. All too many times I've seen many brats complain and go nuts on their parents/grandparents just because they made a mistake. Even though they want to make the child happy.

toaster3220d ago

Maybe they did it because they have a sense of humor? lol

I wouldn't mind getting 4 movies for the holidays. You'll invest more time into those movies than Modern Warfare 2's campaign anyways.

bruddahmanmatt3220d ago

Thank God there are still elderly people in this world who have a little lead left in their pencils. God knows that kid's Grandparents did him a favor by saving him from the overratedness that is Modern Warfare 2. +Bubbles for the Grandparents.

The_Devil_Hunter3220d ago

Wow he didnt complain...thats nice.

RockmanII73220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

MW2 doesn't deserve the praise or sales it's been getting but it also isn't a POS.

Close_Second3220d ago has experienced huge sales which has translated into a high number of on-line players. I tried MW2 but found the gameplay not to my liking, especially the run-n-gun multiplayer which is aimed at kids.

aaron58293220d ago

No complains ... that was a good surprise...

I would think he'd probably go crazy and scream at the grandparents...

But yea... he's cool !

Kudos to the grandparents too... the kid got what he wanted... 'Modern Warfare'


4Sh0w3220d ago

MW2 is Awesome, I'm on my 2nd prestige level 53 and loving every minute of it, I play it for at least a few hrs every day after work, hopefully he will get the game soon and join the rest of us having fun.

heroicjanitor3220d ago

The guy at the store must have been a prick, surely he knew what they meant...

SixZeroFour3220d ago

@heroicjanitor - true, but only if the grandparents asked the guy at the store for modern warefare and didnt get that "modern warefare" without asking...if they didnt ask and picked that up themselves, then the person at the store prolly thought it was for themselves

morganfell3220d ago

Every year millions of cattle walk the same route into the slaughterhouse. That doesn't men they found a really good shortcut to the hay field. Millions of sales still does not equal quality.

4Sh0w3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Your analogy doesnt make much sense when you apply just a bit of logic. The cows continue to follow the same path to the slaughterhouse every year because of course the cows before them have already been slaughtered and therefore could not warn them where this path leads, lol as if cows can talk but I'm not the one who compared them to gamers in the first place. At any rate even if they knew COWS DON'T HAVE A CHOICE, THEIR FATE IS DETERMINED FOR THEM, GAMERS GET TO CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. A bad game might have strong sales out the gate but if so many of the early adopters were dissapointed then word of mouth would definitely reduce sales to a level where it would not continue to chart. Also unlike the cows, these *same gamers continue to come back for more, which confirms gamers enjoy this "slaughterhouse game" making MW2 easily the most played game since launch, where I'm from when so many people enjoy the same product its generally thought of to be quality which is the biggest reason your analogy fails= SALES ALONE MAY NOT EQUAL QUALITY BUT SALES+CONTINUED USER PLAY IS A HUGE INDICATOR OF QUALITY, if not then please Morganfell I would like to know how you define quality?

JeffGUNZ3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I will add a little more logic for your statement. Games that sell well are strong indicators of good quality. Everybody in this world is different, so what you think is quality is not necessarily what another person thinks. I know a lot of PS3 fanboys on this site think that the better the graphics are, the better the game (i.e Killzone 2). Now, I am not saying KZ2 is bad, it's a great game, but a lot of die hard fanboys here think quality is in the graphics.

My main point; If a game sells million and millions this quick, it is an indicator to the market that the game is in high demand. Why do you think the game is in high demand? It could possibly be that a majority of the consumers have made up THEIR minds that the product (MW2) is quality to them and therefore, they make their purchase. Listen, if you don't like the run and gun style of play, then that is fine. I personally enjoy that. Someone above this post stated that run and gun are designed for kids. Worst statement I have ever read. Again, just because someone doesn't like something or does not prefer something, doesn't mean it is not quality. What makes run and gun aimed for kids? I don't get it. I don't prefer slow, big maps, camping, style war games like Operation Flashpoint or Ghost Recon. That doesn't mean I am going to sit here and say those games are not quality.

Bottom line; Modern Warfare 2 is an excellent single player and online experience. My friends and I , all over the age of 24+, enjoy playing with each other during the week nights after work. If you don't like the game because you played it and it's not your cup of tea, then fine, their are 55045852 other games out there. Just don't try to tell me that a game that sells this well and gets such high reviews is not a quality product. Personally, I am going to take the word of sources like gamepro and ign over you.

bacon133220d ago

Good for him taking it like a man. I agree with other members statements that the clerk must have known what a "Modern Warfare" is. Old people and videogames are like oil and water, except for that grandma that owns games on youtube.

pixelsword3220d ago

...on the Wii.

Which explains why hardly any of the critically acclaimed Wii games get bought.

edgeofblade3219d ago

I know all too well the soul crushing disappointment of a grandparent that doesn't get it. But this is a chance to do something nice for your grandparents.

Get the game anyway and put it in the case they got, then bring it over and have them watch you playing it. Not online, of course; your grandparents probably think you an internet for fishing.

They will get to see you gunning down innocent air travelers in Russia. That will probably hasten their otherwise slow march to the coffin. See? Something nice for grandma...

IdleLeeSiuLung3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Agreed! I don't think a product that sells more than any other game by a large margin (I'm talking about millions) this year, most talked about, most anticipated and have the biggest online community on both platforms separately can be considered a terrible game!

Let me repeat that, it sold most games on each platform (outselling any exclusives) and have the most gamers at any time online on each platform counted separately. If that is not a great game, then I need to get in touch with the marketing company behind MW2, since I would like to sell Pong HD Remix 2010 for $60 upon release!!!

on-topic: I saw this at and thought the very same thing. That video must have gotten a sales boost! Maybe Activision will go after them for trademark infringement.

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SasanovaS19873220d ago

are the grandparents to blame for this imbecile not specifying what he wanted

gaffyh3220d ago

Seems like he was quite clear actually, he actually named the game in its entirety

JonnyBadfinger3220d ago

I would glady trade my copy of the game with him for that. MW2 is crap, its the game that has killed the franchise for me. Its multiplayer is horrendous, seriously the multiplayer team at IW need to be shot or linched from the highest tree possible, because they killed multiplayer.

dont say i suck because thats not true i got a K/D of 2.02, its the matchmaking that is flawed beyond repairable.

jadenkorri3220d ago

the nuke is retarded ending the map, it should kill the entire enemy team and give radiation to them afterwards, meaning they all play near death.

4point7BillionLoss3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I asked my dad to get me a Cannibal Corpse music video ... and he got me fine young cannibals ....

I had the disappointment of a PS3 fan boy that day ... yellow teeth and everything ....

RedDragan3218d ago

At least it is better than getting socks!

And it could have been much worse, he could have got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!!!!

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monkey6023220d ago

Still I wonder how anyone could go into a shop and ask for Modern Warfare and be given this?! If you went into anywhere recently and asked for Modern Warfare they'd just know you wanted the game! Grandparents were conned with this one.

dalibor3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

The grandparents should have said "Modern Warfare VIDEOGAME" to cause less confusion. At least he got something for Xmas. I swear I saw this movie pack before though, at Kmart I think it was. Around $10-15. Either that or some other kind of 4 film movie pack.

MegaPowa3220d ago

he most likely would of gotten cod4 lol

DaTruth3220d ago

The salesperson brought them a $60 video game and a $10 movie. I think deep inside... they knew.

Bluellama13220d ago

I can't beleive that the grandparents would get these confused, at least the kid ended up liking the movies.