Modern Warfare 2 Most Pirated Game of 2009

BNG's Tyler Treat writes, "Infinity Ward's gotta be pretty proud about this one. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was this year's most-pirated game. Prestigious indeed. Not a surprise of course, considering it was the biggest game of 2009, but I personally know people who turned to piracy simply because the game lacked some notable features (read: dedicated servers) that most PC games have."

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Sangria3220d ago

Not surprising, considering how Activision almost insulted the PC gaming community. But even with such piracy, Modern Warfare 2 remains the best selling game of 2009 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and this is certainly a good motivation for Activision to release a Call of Duty 6 in 2010 and a Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. Like Guitar Heros, as long as people keep buying it, this will never stop, for the best and the worst.

BadboyCivic3603220d ago

Im sure there [email protected] of the year ceo is not happy about that...he might have to hold off on that second private jet till next year after COD:Modern glitchware 3 comes out

toaster3220d ago

No. With a CEO like that he'll wan't to start popping out Call of Duty's every 6 months because he knows people are going to buy anything with "Call of Duty" on the cover. He knows people are going to bend over and take it.

Elven63220d ago

Why is everyone blaming Activision? In the end it is all Infinity Ward who had things like IW Net (even in the name!) and various other "neat ideas". Hell, Activision offered the COD: MW 2 team truckloads of money to make the game but they refused a good chunk of it.

Carl14123220d ago

6 months? Why so few, it'll be like GH - about 6 games a year

evrfighter3220d ago

4.1 million people torrented it...sweet

I doubt 90% of them would have ever bought the game to begine with. But I'm sure the board of directors are about to have a meeting where they somehow believe they really lost 4.1 million sales.

I pray to the gaming gods they stop developing this piece of crap for the pc.

bruddahmanmatt3220d ago

Man, the PC guys weren't fooling around when they said that they'd make MW2 the "Spore" of 2009. w00t to PC gamers for standing their ground and putting a crappy developer and a crappy publisher in their respective places.

Carl14123220d ago

I wish they'd stop making this crap altogether. It sells, but it doesn't stop it being overhyped crap

HDgamer3220d ago

Wow you are very outdated, torrents are old a lot of people just directly download it via rapidshare/megaupload/etc or usenet. Superior than torrents

evrfighter3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

usenet I could agree with but

rapidshare? megaupload?

...I feel bad for you if you really resort to those. If you know where to go torrents are still superior. I take it you used to visit TPB and Mininova and had nowhere to go afterwards right?

HDgamer3220d ago

Rapidshare and megaupload links do have some very good download managers. Like Cryptload, Jdownloader. It uses most about 95-99% of the internet speed. So if you can download 1gb in an hour you're good to go

evrfighter3219d ago

Most times I know we do not share the same views. But i'm going to look into this a little more

thanks for the info.

darkmurder3219d ago

Good job Activision you succeeded in your goal of appearing as a dbag to the PC community.

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killa916063220d ago

Bobby Kotick is now on suicide watch for attempting to jump off the 30 Story Activision Headquarter Building.

The Reason for him to do such a thing "People arent buying the best game in the world,its madness"

Modern Warfare 2 has just been named most pirated of 2009

Kotick replies to that statement:"Why cant people just buy our game?We treated everybody right,especially the PC Community,We have nothing against them,we just want more money to steal from other companies"

dirthurts3220d ago

IW and Activision earned this.

Pandam0bile3220d ago

They're talking about the PC version you dolt.

LeonSKennedy4Life3220d ago

Can you please change the avatar?

Every time I see it, I get infuriated. It's like Uncle Buck's hat. It makes people angry.

MegaPowa3220d ago

hes an awesome class for tf2

deadlyliquidxxx3220d ago

i support any company that wants more money.
IT would have BEEN PIRATED as much ANYWAYZ
dont believe me, see spore
did they diserve it?
any high profile pc game will, duh......
mw2 is great

3220d ago
HDgamer3220d ago

Let's define great.


deadlyliquidxxx3219d ago

for insulting me, name calling isint allowed :)

Erotic Sheep3219d ago

Oh in that case Liquid.. I'll report you for threatening to kill me when I said that MW2 was a dissapointment in another article.

Uh-huh.. and no I'm not impressed by your photoshopped steroids.

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