Great Xbox 360 Deal

E4G: A Xbox 360 deal has just hit another store.

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dkblackhawk503215d ago

Sweet, a deal for Canadians :D

7ero H3LL3215d ago

damn good bundle, it comes with pure.
i had lots a fun with that game.

dkblackhawk503215d ago

That was a fun game indeed :P

flubberfish3215d ago

had a lot of fun with pure

dkblackhawk503215d ago

Not bad deal, Walmart's deal was quite good.

flubberfish3215d ago

i heard that it was a good deal

dkblackhawk503215d ago

Too bad that it was for America only (I think, I could be wrong)

DevastationEve3214d ago

I can pick this bundle up plus a second back wireless controller for $250 through expertzone since i work for best buy (geek squad).

menoyou3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Not a good deal considering the inferior hardware. $50 more will get you a PS3 with Blu-ray, free online, etc.. And a Lego game? Lol, c'mon, that's not even worth $5.

Shane Kim3214d ago

We over at Microsoft are proud to present our new bundle that we like to call "Just take it". Yes folks, Sony is way above us so the only way to handle the situation is to give our xboxes awaaaaay.

Sure, the boxes are all second hand and have suffered from RROD and we sure as hell are going to count them as new sales but what the hell...we give them away for FREE!

champ213214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

knowing microsoft they could easily make up for the small discounts offered on the initial package via:

Expensive accessories 100usd for wifi alone, 150usd for a hd (that could be had on pc for quarter the price).

Charge for dlcs usually free on pc.

charge for online, free on other platforms.

Higher prices on games vs pc version

Microsoft has too many ways of milking the user.

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