Is This One Of Tetsuya Nomura's Unannounced Games?

Siliconera: In addition to Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Tetsuya Nomura has some top secret projects in the works. That's what he told Famitsu and Siliconera may have a glimpse at one of them.

Square Enix filed a patent application with Tetsuya Nomura as the inventor for a character switching battle system. The patent describes a RPG/action RPG (it mentions both terms) where a player character can switch and control a temporary character during combat. When you jump into the shoes of another character you get his/her/its stats and special abilities. Once time runs out, you automatically switch back to the main character and inherit the temporary character's abilities.

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Sangria3269d ago

Is it necessary to patent such game mechanics? It just looks like something similar to Jericho's. It's not like if many games could use this system, I don't see how it's worth a patent. Or maybe I'm out of my shoes and publishers commonly patent their gameplay mechanics.

ClownBelt3269d ago

Considering in our age of gaming, copying games is very rampant

GOW 3 = Dante's Inferno
DMC = Bayoneta
GeOW = Quantum Theory and now Dizzle(?)
MW 2 = Medal of Honor

DrRobotnik3269d ago

I think his life is on the line, if he doesn't announce FFVII remake next year.

Noctis Aftermath3268d ago

I sure as hell hope he doesn't, that needs to be a ps4 exclusive.

Aleusia3268d ago

Why? what's wrong with it being a ps3 exclusive? why do you have to be a punk and screw things up for the rest of us? I don't want to see the ps4 for another 5 years.

Why rush things?

gaffyh3269d ago

Seems like a patent on general gameplay rather than for a specific game.

RememberThe3573269d ago

The diagram at the bottom of the page has the PlayStation buttons but doesn't look like a traditional PSP.

SpoonyRedMage3269d ago

I thought it might have been TWEWY related(which I'm surprised no one thought could be his new game on this site) as he mentioned about how controlling two characters was difficult or something.

But it doesn't look like it.... I'm not sure what it's for but seems FFish.

hatchimatchi3269d ago

i forgot about the world ends with you, in fact i'm not sure where my copy is. I should probably go find it, that game is awesome.

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