2009 Nodie Awards

GamerNode writes:
"It's that very special time once again, when the GamerNode team members get together to honor the year's greatest achievements in gaming... and try not to come to blows or throw tantrums over our democratically selected winners. This final year of the decade has turned out to be an excellent one, with many high-scoring and multi-million-selling titles hitting consoles and PCs consistently from beginning to end, so it's only fitting that we are celebrating that fact with our biggest Nodie Awards "ceremony" to date."

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mr durand pierre3215d ago

Brutal Legend sure is a strange beast to win most disappointing and be the runner-up for best new IP. The sad thing is that totally makes sense (even if I think BL is a much better IP that inFamous).

SlamVanderhuge3215d ago

Wow, and it beat Scribblenauts for most disappointing. I have yet to play BL, but wow!

italianbreadman3215d ago

I think Brutal Legend ended up being more disappointing than Scribblenauts because it was more hyped to people other than E3-goers and the like. The Tim Schafer phenomenon made us expect the world, and even though the game isn't horrible, it didn't align the stars or anything spectacular.

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