Perfect Dark HD gameplay video - Carrington Institute

The first actual gameplay video of Perfect Dark HD has been posted by Gamertag Radio, albeit without sound.

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Sano643219d ago

It looks crappy like someone captured it from a N64 emulator

Saaking3219d ago

It looks good enough. The only way they'd get it to look better is by remaking the whole thing which is not their goal. It's a short video, but from the looks of it Rare is doing just fine.

no_more_trolling3219d ago


i guess u want uncharted graphics

TheROsingleB3219d ago

I'm pretty sure this is an old video, i swear I've seen this over a year ago. I could be wrong though...
Its an XBox Live Arcade download, so don't expect "OMFG SUPER CRAZY GEARS 2 QUALITY" graphics, its a re-mastering of the original, so probably same/similar models with upscaled textures and fancy particle effects is what we're getting.
The video doesn't show off the quality of the models on the gun range dudes so until more video comes out, that's what i'm assuming it will be.

Darkfocus3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

and that's a fan made mod so I think rare could put a little effort into this rather than just porting the n64 version with high res textures; cause it's already possible to play that on an emulator.

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Rocket Sauce3219d ago

I had no idea they were doing this. I suddenly really, REALLY want Goldeneye to get this treatment.

I know it's never gonna happen :(

JonahFalcon3219d ago

Not with Nintendo being jealous bayatches about it, no.

mastiffchild3219d ago

I used to want a Goldeneye remaster on VC or XBLA(and it's certainly fair enough if ninty want their share isn't it? Same as if, say, Bungie were bought by Sony and wanted to remaster Halo:CE for PS4 or whatever isn't it? If Sony/
Bungie couldn't satisy MS(in that case) it would be right for them to stop it and the situation's the same with Rare, Ninty and MS imo.

The big issue, for me anyway, is that me and my pals set up the N64 last year and fired up G'eye looking forward to walking down memory lane with a loved classic that shaped FPS as we know it today. Sadly it wasn't only the predictably aged looks that let the game down but nearly everything seemed very, very weak except the level design which stood up pretty well, tbh. Now I couldn't care less whether they put it on XBLA even with highly upgraded looks as it was best left untouched in my memory, very sad indeed.

JonahFalcon3219d ago

Bungie may produce Halo, but Microsoft owns the IP.

robotnik3219d ago

Looks like crap. Looks like xbot developers can't come with anything new and they have to rehash old games to make some easy cash from the retarded xbot minions.

DelbertGrady3219d ago

Cue God of War Collection for the PS3.

kingdavid3219d ago

Too easy..

Poor troll attempt.

DelbertGrady3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Isn't this just a HL 2 mod?

*Nevermind, noticed the A and B button prompts.*

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The story is too old to be commented.