Tetsuya Nomura's True Intentions Discovered

andriasang: Square Enix hotshot may have encoded a secret message in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Kamikaze1353216d ago

Either they're right, or somebody has a little too much time on their hands. Though knowing Nomura, I'm guessing they're right =P

blizzard_cool3216d ago

this reminded me of
"U r Mr.Gay"

Was it like that?

blitz06233216d ago

wow the author is such a boy scout. A Nomura fanboy perhaps?

DrRobotnik3216d ago

way too much time on there hands.

Noctis Aftermath3216d ago

Nomura is a playstation fanboy, how is this news?
I got a shrine of him in my living room, i pray to him everyday before i start playing my playstation.

Hellsvacancy3215d ago

Well if he is a PS3 fan-boi i say good 4 him

sunil3215d ago

kojima made fun of dvd in favor of blu ray and msg 5(so to speak) is multiplatform...

anti-gamer3215d ago

"msg 5(so to speak) is multiplatform..." ????

whin did MGS5 had been reveled?

if you mean MGS:Rissing that isnt the 5th MGS it just spin-off.

CrimsonFox133215d ago

Not only that but Kojima's working on the PSP MGS and not the console one.

caladbolg7773215d ago

Saying MGS: Rising is MGS5 is like saying Dirge of Cerberus is FFVII-2.

sunil3215d ago

thats why i said "so to speak" and yes i meant MSG: Rising...

mistajeff3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I have a feeling Kojima is gonna grab the reins of Rising once he's done with Peace Walker. Raiden is his favorite character in the series. And his taking the lead is only gonna make it a better game, so everyone wins. That's my 2 MGS-fanboy-cents on that.

But he specifically said that Peace Walker is his MGS5.

Anyway, back on topic, I do think they're reading way too much into this but it's a funny coincidence. Although, if he DID do that on purpose and it comes out that this is right, kudos for spotting it haha.
As long as KH3 isn't Wii exclusive I'll be a happy panda.

Digitaldude3215d ago

Doubt it, This dude was obviously trying to prove that Nomura is a Ps3 fanboy by all means necessary.

shawnsl653215d ago

Well now i know where the girl character came from. It's that one chick he's giving flower to (case you guys didn't notice). The main char is suppose to represent Tetsuya (case you guys didn't notice that too).

RumbleFish3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )


Ohhh! I forgot:

mistajeff3214d ago


Versus XIII-themed condoms confirmed!!!!

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RememberThe3573216d ago

I picked up a hint of sarcasm in this post that made me laugh. This is definitely "solid, irrefutable proof."

conjurdevil3216d ago

really no words to explain the stupidity of this article ... people need to stop being so insecure of a GAME!!!! just because there is another console they dont LIKE

Baliw3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

"really no words to explain the stupidity of your post ... you need to stop being so insecure of a GAME!!!! just because there is another console that you LIKE"

Aren't they talking BOUT FF Vs XIII?
There's no 360 versión of this one mate.

So i bet you... FAIL.

conjurdevil3216d ago


Exactly my point theres no 360 version so articles like these prove ps3 fanboys try to find rubbish out of everything just to feel secure that it would stay exclusive to their console which doesnt make sense either way....its just a game

3215d ago
Myze3215d ago


I think I might agree with you...but...err...what?

stb3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Was Referring to

this gen ff!!!(my bad again).

hated ff xiii going mult but happy to these who will play xiii in their shtbox...but wont be happy if this one goes the same as ff xiii did.

btw sure the guy who wrote this just had lot of time in his hand...the real translation of these name could go with this.

( Noctis (night) Lucis (light) Caelum (sky/ heavens)would mean the main protagonist's name would be 'Heavenly Lights of the Night'.

Stella (star) Nox (night) Fleuret (flower [in French]) would mean 'Flower of the Starry Night'.

Incidentally, Nox Noctis is one word for Night, like Felix Felicis is for Lucky. )

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