Something Modern Warfare 2 Got Wrong About Pakistan

Pakistani reader Saad was thrilled when he heard that Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was getting a multiplayer map set in the city he calls home, Karachi. That is, until he played it.

"I, being a Pakistani, was so excited at seeing a Karachi map and then immediately so disappointed when I played the map," says the Karachi resident. The map has Arabic written all over, even though that isn't the country's language.

The country of Pakistan has two official lingos: English and Urdu. With somewhere between 60 and 80 million speakers of the standard language, Urdu has more speakers than, say, Italian, Korean or Polish.

"Infinity Ward probably thought, 'Oh hey its a Muslim country so Arabic is the language,'" says Saad.

While Arabic and Urdu use the same script, the words are completely different. For example, the noun "people" is "al-naas" in Arabic (?????), and "log" or "loug" (???) in Urdu.

"To someone who doesn't know urdu won't be able to tell the difference," Saad explains. "It's like Spanish and English, I guess. Some letters are same, some are different but the words are completely different."

There isn't a single Urdu word on the entire Karachi map and no one writes in Arabic in Pakistan.

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deadpoole3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Bad Doggy IW, Bad Doggy IW ... no more effing dough for you. but seriously if it wasnt for MP (which Ive already got bored now for rest of my life) I wouldve never bought this game.

Black released on Playstation 2 has got better graphics and animation then this MW2 released 6 years later. Like seriously WTF, multimillion dollar game and they can't invest/research about some pretty imp things ... who they tryin to fool.

mistajeff3217d ago

The sad thing is, in this case, the research process would've been searching for "Pakistan" on wikipedia.

kalebgray923217d ago

i guess im like not trying to be ignorant its just im american and i live in LA ... all i gotta know is english, and know what spanish and korean looks like and im good

vickers5003217d ago

Oh shut up. If this were any less popular game like Uncharted 2 and the inaccuracies in it (don't know if there are any, I'm just saying), you all would be saying "who cares?". Why don't you blame LittleBigPlanet for including a song that had an offensive line to muslims? Oh yeah, because it's f*cking retarted.

Their job isn't to research every insignificant cultural detail, it's to create a fun, arcadey shooter.

3217d ago
duplissi3217d ago

you butthurt a bit? really.....

zeeshan3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

@JonnyBadfinger: Yeah, the Pakistani cricket team is in trouble lately. Australia's team is one of the best teams in the world. You gota give it to them, they have got some major talents but the OZ team's performance has subsided dramatically after the exit of Glenn mcgrath, Shane Warne and Hayden.

Not to mention that Pakistani team is the current T20 Champions and have won the most matches in T20 than any other team.

The current test's situation is not that bad for Pakistanies. They need 252 runs and have 7 wickets in the hand. Lets not forget that Pakistani team hasn't had any test cricket in 3 years. Only the recent NZ tour and the current OZ tour is what they have had when it comes to playing test matches. They are playing in totally different conditions and it'll take some time for them to adjust. It's not over until it is over

On topic: Where did they spend millions of dollars? The graphics were not good (no where near Killzone 2), the gameplay was the same as COD4, the MP is full of glitches and the single player campaign was so pathetic that it only managed to trump the SP of Harry Potter aTHBL and perhaps Terminator. Someone should ask IW where did they spend their money?

Oh and I see people on Kotaku and some people here blaming Americans for their lack of knowledge. While, this is true that Americans are usually not good with general knowledge and geography etc, the fact is that not all Americans are alike. I can bet anything that if developers like NAUGHTY DOGS or Ubisoft Montreal were doing the same job, they would have done their homework. Let it be known that it is the developer's fault who happen to be in the U.S.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3217d ago

"Black released on Playstation 2 has got better graphics and animation then this MW2"

LOL, you people need to stop. Seriously.

Your rabid hatred for Modern Warfare 2 is making you say very stupid things.

mastiffchild3217d ago

johnnybadfinger-is it STILL OK to call the Pakistan cricket team "pakis" in your country as in the UK it's the biggest insult ever for them. As offensive as the "N" word to black folk. I notice3sd it being used in the 80's on TV ads for a triangular series with AS/WI/PAK teams and was amazed even back then!

BTW England are spanking SA now after beating Ponting's lot in the summer. And we're rubbish.

Stinger_2093217d ago

I figured this out from day one all they did was copied the characters from cod4 and the writing on some of the maps like crossfire and stuck in Karachi to save money

umair_s513217d ago

I'm from Pakistan, and Karachi looks nothing like this. Afghanistan looks like this!

BX813217d ago

@JonnyBadfinger funny that you would base all Americans on a video game community. Arrogant? We can be at times just the same as anyone else. I guess when you're a big power house of a country people will hate just like other countries get hated on. I bet you're the kind of guy that calls American's all fat, yanks, fat, kill each other, fat oh yeah and did I mention fat. Get over it kid if you don't like America then don't but don't make some lame excuse like arrogance or ignorance because if that was the case you would hate every country.

SilentNegotiator3217d ago

That was probably the most racist, offensive generalization I have read in a long time. Generalizations like that are for weak minded fools.

The only reason the United States specifically gets labeled as the more "Arrogant" country is because we are a super power, and most other countries could only wish they had such an economy and military.

JeffGUNZ3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

So, you can sit there and honestly tell me you can tell apart every countries language from their dialect, in the entire world? Every country has their own traditions and cultures, why bash anyone else? Where you are from Cricket is popular and huge. In America, Football is popular and so is Baseball. That's just from our culture and traditions. That doesn't mean it's "wussy" or sub-par. It's funny, America is like MW2 in a sense. It's so big and a power house, that people just TRY to find excuses to hate it. Listen, America is one of the best countries in the world, and yes, it has its flaws, like every country. People need to realize that no one is perfect and no country is perfect. Just because America has taken on the title of the power house country, doesn't mean it's flawless. Let's not overstep our history here, if it weren't for America, then most of this world would be under Nazi and Communist control.

I am sick of ignorant people trashing America and when something happens where America saves the day (i.e WWII), America is great for a little bit. Grow up. No one in America really cares about the slight differences of accents in your country. I would like you to talk to 10 Americans and tell me which one is from Pennsylvania, New York, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, and Arizona. If you can't tell me and get it right, then you must be ignorant, according to your logic.

Linzoid3216d ago

You say Football is popular in the US, who do you support?

I hear LA Galaxy are quite big over there at the moment.

MetaIGearRising3216d ago

"and most other countries could only wish they had such an economy"

derseb3216d ago

A stupid game by stupid people for stupid people.

JeffGUNZ3216d ago

I said Football, not futbal. And I do fancy the Metro Stars, even though they are god awful.

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Baliw3217d ago

How much they wasted on research? lol

Raf1k13217d ago

From the lack of research I'd say they wasted very little.

Cenobia3217d ago

They may have known and just didn't care enough to spend the time making new textures and finding the correct spellings for words, etc.

I mean I'm all for hating on MW2, but I honestly don't see an upside to spending that amount of time adding the correct language to one multiplayer map when 95% of people won't notice, and of the 5% that do, most won't care.

The Lazy One3217d ago

That's exactly it. Their primary audience is western, and won't even know what half the symbols mean.

It would be wasted money to put any extra research into something that is purely visual and not communicative.

_vx3216d ago

why do day need to spend more $$$ ,, u suckers will buy da game ,,,if i were in der shoes i would've done da same $hit to u,,, LOL

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mrv3213217d ago

This what happens when half the budget is on advertisement a quater on research into screwing PC gamers and 1/4 on hyperboyle...

BTW they got some money back from charities for such a horrible story.

taga7a3217d ago

Us americans can never tell the difference between languages.

Spanish and Puerto Rican
Dutch and German
Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin etc
Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, etc

I also hate it when people keep blurring every freaking day that I'm Chinese when I'm not.

RockmanII73217d ago

That's not true, I can tell the difference between English and Español

ASSASSYN 36o3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Speak for yourself. And I don't think infinity ward gives a damn about language inaccuracies in this particular game.

SPECTER3217d ago

I can tell the difference in every single one of the languages you mentioned. with only few classes in spanish, japanese.

but on topic isnt this supposedly based on a CS map. if so it doesn't really make sense to have a pakistan map in context of the story, and is to minor to warrant a new faction's models, VO,etc.. so its an afghan map

XsteveJ3217d ago

"Spanish and Puerto Rican"

Yea, prove yourself right...I hope this was sarcasm, considering they speak Spanish in Puerto Rico...

mistajeff3217d ago

Yeah I'm guessing he meant Portuguese

Baliw3217d ago

"Spanish and Puerto Rican"

Both speak spanish.

Same with British, Australians, or North Americans.

The slight difference are some words due to location.


BLuKhaos3217d ago

"Puerto Rican" is a spanish dialect just like "American" and "Australian" are english dialects.

MiloGarret3217d ago

Swenglish is a beatiful language...

And, yes, to those that don't know much, spanish (as spoken in Spain) is very different to puerto rican.

Somnipotent3216d ago

"Us americans can never tell the difference between languages.

Spanish and Puerto Rican
Dutch and German
Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin etc
Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, etc

I also hate it when people keep blurring every freaking day that I'm Chinese when I'm not."

speak for yourself. where did you grow up? utah? wyoming?

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Checkmate3217d ago

is a beautiful language.