23 'Best' PSN Games of 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle brings you the top 23 most downloaded PSN games according to Sony.

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decimalator3218d ago

Again, I think these are mis-characterized (by Sony) as being the "best", when really they're just the most downloaded. In theory, I guess makes them the best since more people are buying them. But there are quite a few questionable games in here, and quite a few "better" (IMO) ones that are missing.

T3mpr1x3218d ago

Good to see Burnout Paradise there. I'm surprised to see Mortal Kombat 2 on there after all this time...

MajestieBeast3218d ago

I thinki most downloaded cause a list without shatter isnt a list at all.

jalen2473217d ago

Most downloaded =/= Best

3216d ago