'Kill Screen' Might Just Change The World Of Gaming Magazines

Gunaxin writes: "You would be doing well not to have heard that print media is dying out, which makes it all the more surprising to hear that a group of well established journalists and writers (who have worked for The New Yorker, The Daily Show and The LA Times amongst others) are launching a new gaming magazine.

But this isn't going to be just another voice in the crowd screaming to be heard – unlike other magazines, Kill Screen is devoted to "long format writing" about Video Games. By long format, we mean feature pieces like Vanity Fair, Wired, or major newspapers do on a regular basis – full length articles about something specific, not puff-pieces about nothing in particular. It's true that a lot of magazines do long articles, but mostly they take the form of several page previews (see: every article ever written about the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series). The brains behind Kill Screen are interested in something rather different:"

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mau643216d ago

I wish the magazine business was in better shape than its in now.

Saaking3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

The internet has really slowed down sales of game magazines. I remember there used to be a lot more, but right now the only ones I can thinks of are Game Informers, Official PlayStation Magazine and that's about it. If I can get information for free online, why would I pay to read it on paper?

This magazine, however, seems to be trying a different approach. I like that it's going to try appealing to the older demographic of gamers. I might just have to check it out.

PrimordialSoupBase3216d ago

Edge has been putting out fantastic content in this vein for years. It's good to see a mag following in their footsteps - after all, preview/review filler just doesn't cut it for print any more.

cb8103216d ago

Sign me up. Where can I sign up for a subscription?

Ziriux3216d ago

Game Informer will always be the leading magazine, simply because of exclusivity.

Fel3216d ago

I don't think that's the point of this publication.

It sounds very interesting to me. I've long wanted a mature, intelligent publication that discusses gaming on a deeper level than what new multiplayer modes a game might have and how many polygons the enemies have.... something that takes a more sophisticated approach than "my console is better than your console".

This seems like an awesome idea. I'm in. Planning to go with the 4 issue option. Can't wait!

DMason3215d ago

Actually, you have to make a donation in order to receive the first issue, although I have a feeling that's over with. It was $20 for the first issue, and $30 for first issue+tshirt, and $100 for first 4 issues , a tshirt, and grab bag.

I picked up the first issue, hopefully it comes soon. It'll be a great coffee table mag for sure.

Ziriux3216d ago

I can't see anyone knocking off GI, first offI dont care where the writers for this new magazine are coming from, they do not have the game industry respect of game informer, EG or ProGamer.

cb8103216d ago

I welcome a new mag to the scene that can maybe overtake Informer

Ziriux3216d ago

I welcome it too, but it wont over take the GI lol.

DMason3215d ago

GI and Kill Screen are 2 completely different publications. They wont be in direct competition with each other nor will the readership be quite the same.

RememberThe3573216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Oh yeah... That's happening.

EDIT: I'm having one hell of a time figuring out how to buy this damn magazine. Can I get some help?

Cenobia3215d ago


Those are the prices you get when you print a "magazine" in fudging hardcover.

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