The Last Guardian's sales: Destined for Mediocrity

Will Powers from TPR writes: "Despite being an incredibly innovative game [ICO] in the sense of gameplay, musical scores, graphics, and story, the game largely fell under the radar for the mainstream market."

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ToastyMcNibbles3217d ago

its possible that the sales will start out slow but it will only increase more as time goes on...either way it wont stop me from buying this game day 1 and enjoying every last bit of it... this game has masterpiece written all over it

UNCyrus3217d ago

One point I forgot to make in the article. Is that those first two games only had those sales on the PS2 which had a MUCH LARGER install base than the PS3 currently has. Trust me, I'd love to see The Last Guardian sell 2-3 million, I just don't see it happening right now in the current climate. But for sure it'll break 1 million this time around

thereapersson3217d ago

Wii Sports & Wii Play are the best games ever made!


iamtehpwn3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

PS3 gamers strongly support the console and it's game, and always buy the high quality exclusive games. If even inFamous can be a new IP on PS3 and break 1 million, than The Last Guardian will probably break 1-2 million as well.

30sec3217d ago

The audience this game is geared towards will buy it. But Team Ico isn't Bungie, so all their games can do is move the medium forward as a storytelling art-form.

DamonTheMoney3217d ago

Remember people, sales don't matter to us. They're only important for the company to make their money, and everybody here seems to think that if a game doesn't sell 1 million then it isn't a success and didn't turnover any money.

As long as this game has quality written all over it (and we know it does) then I couldn't care less how many people buy it. I could be the ONLY person in the world to spend my money on it for all I care.

A lot of you need to take the same stance on this, and stop worrying about things that don't affect you.

Redempteur3217d ago

The difference this time is that the media actually care about this game .

all it needs is attention ( done at E3 ) and some ads correctly placed ..

maybe a demo too , but that would be difficult ...

Kevin ButIer3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Its going to be a great classic and It will sell at least 2 M or more. Since when sales only matter the first two weeks or month of release?

Long Live to The Last Guardian

Lol im Pirate Patcher

Cheeseknight283217d ago

Use your brain and humor me for just a moment. How exactly do you expect Team Ico to keep making games if they don't sell? If this doesn't sell around a million copies, they can't make another game. It does matter to you if you are the only one to buy the game, because if you don't help a game sell you'll never see a sequel.

I just don't understand how people can't see this. Why do you think there isn't a true Okami sequel?

happy_gilmore3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

ico flopped big time. but shadow of colossus was still made.

this is sony we are talking about. no EA or Ubisoft. Sony cares about their fans. sony is pushing to make videogames more mature as an art form unlike ms churning out halo and gears for tweeners. that's why we have heavy rain, flower and stuff like this.

GameGambits3217d ago

I heard an inside rumor that this games power level... it's OVER 9000!!!!!! :D

I'll be buying it day one. ;)

DamonTheMoney3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Clearly you've never heard of the term "hyperbole". Obviously I'm not going to be the only person who buys the game, and Team Ico will undoubtedly make enough money to be successful (around 500,000 - 700,000 is considered commercially "successful", in case you didn't know). And there's no set number of sales to warrant a sequel, ESPECIALLY with SCE's games.

happy_gilmore said the rest.

Saaking3217d ago

So? Ico and SOTC didn't sell that well yet they're some of the best games I've EVER played. Sales =/= quality. The game will be rated much higher than Call of Duty, Halo, or even GT5.

Traveler3217d ago

It's too bad that some great games don't get the retail success that they deserve. Okami, Beyond Good & Evil and Shadow of The Colossus spring to mind. It's sad, because despite what some people say sales do matter. Developers need to feed their families and beyond even that I also feel that if a developer puts in the talent and hard work to create a great game they deserve to be rewarded accordingly, not just barely make a living.

morganfell3217d ago

The Power Review...already has fulfilled it's destiny of mediocrity...

NewZealander3217d ago

i want to know more about the game, but so far its the only exclusive on ps3 im interested in for 2010, so i hope its good.

CrazzyMan3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Just like Valkyria Chronicles or Demon`s Soul, or Uncharted 2.

Bt the reality is that we live in world, where casual games have more appeal, than hardcore games or games, which we could consider as piece of art, like Ico or SotC.

Anyway, both VC and DS are on the way to 1M, so will and The Last Guardian sell over 1M, i`m pretty sure about that.

Anyway, this game is a MUST BUY. That`s all what should matter to a real GAMER. - JUST WATCH THIS!

Rampant3217d ago

"The game will be rated much higher...."

Ico: 90
SOTC: 91

Halo 3: 94
COD4: 94

yeah...... about that..

gaffyh3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

@Rampant - Yet despite that, ICO and Sotc are two of the best games ever made, and Halo 3 and COD4 are two of the most overhyped games ever made. Guess how I know that, because I played all 4 of these games myself, and didn't look at the Metascore at random.

CWMR3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

-Says who? It's subjective. Even if a bunch of reviewers thinks so, it's still subjective. For example, there are lots of times where the stuffy movie critics think a movie is great that I think just sucks, and movies that they criticize that I think are some of the best movies I have ever seen.

Edit: Halo 3 and MW2 are awesome games. Do you think I care that you don't like them? Like I said, it's subjective.-

gaffyh3217d ago

@above - Do you think I care what you think? A random fanboy isn't going to change the minds of the 2.5 million Ico and SOTC owners that KNOW that these are two of the best games they've EVER played.

Argue all you want, COD4 and Halo 3 are extremely low on the list of best games ever. :)


^^^^^exactly gaffyh, and rampant stfu, maybe you should play those games then maybe you would actually undertand why theyre so masterfull. I dont care for this article because ill be contributing to the sales for this game as i did for the other 2, and im glad i did, money well spent. people seriously need to open their eyes and smell the sh1t theyre eating cause theyre ruining gaming and ill be damned if i can only play mediocre fps, and one more thing just got Demon Souls for Christmas, AMAZINGG game and people werent kidding on how hard that game is, all i can say is DAMN!

Raf1k13217d ago

It would be great to see some advertising for this game around it's launch but I doubt we will.

I think we owe it to Team Ico to do what we can through word of mouth (I know I'll be telling people who come through my checkout about it). They've given us some of the most amazing games ever created and deserve massive sales.

OmarJA-N4G3217d ago

Who gives a rat ass about sales? it'll be another GOTY like U2 & DS.

GrandTheftZamboni3217d ago

As long as it sells two copies (divideby0's below and mine), I'm happy. But for Team Ico's sake, and gamers' who like quality games, I hope they sell millions.

badz1493217d ago

and what makes it worst is the fact that it's about sales!(again!) if we are really gamers, why should we care so much about game sales? shouldn't we be more about the quality of the game? TLG is a game made buy the highly acclaimed ICO and SoTC devs! they have huge credibility on their name alone and to think that TLG is going to be amazing is just natural! I'm also hoping that the game I like will sell a gazillion copies but to argue about sales month before the game release like this game, which we don't even have the release date yet for god sake, is beyond STUPID! talking about anticipation, or what we want it to be is ok but sales?? what are you guys? investor?

sikbeta3217d ago

Fumito Ueda Games are Masterpieces despite the sales

Who in his right mind will care about sales when is already known:

QUALITY > everything

rezenu3217d ago

Oh dear, heaven forbid a game doesn't sell five million in one day. It's deemed a flop already.

I'm, sorry abut games for the PS3 are even spread out so sales are evenly spread out as well. Everyone has different tastes. Some games aren't for everyone.

Again, sales doesn't equal quality.

Jaces3217d ago

What no guns?!

Meh, no buy for me. /s

baum3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

The argument of "PS2 had a bigger install base" is retarded. If install base was the only thing that mattered, shouldn't 3rd parties be supporting the Wii in droves instead of next-gen consoles? Their games have flopped on the Wii, which is why 360 and PS3 are their bread and butter. Many non-FPS games have sold better on PS3 than 360 despite 360s headstart. So no, install base does not correspond directly to game sales.

PS2 was one of the most pirated consoles in history, if not the most, which hit its game sales. Also, PS2 was owned by dozens of millions of casuals, making it irrelevant for hardcore games like ICO if the PS2 sold 100 million more or not. These games have a market, and just like MGS4 and FFXIII have sold pretty well, Last Guardian will sell as much as ICO and SOTC did.

I love it when somebody says "OMG GOW2 ONLY SOLD 2.5 MILLION ON 150 MILLION INSTALL BASE THEREFORE GOW3 WILL ONLY SELL HALF A MILLION AT BEST!!!11111111". It just confirms how mentally handicapped the fanboys of a particular business are (I'll let you guess the names), which only validates the decision NOT to sign-up for the competing service. What, to game against retards and listen to their pre-pubescent tweenager voices? No thanks.


"HALO 3 AND CODMW2 SCORED BETTER THEREFORE THEIR BETTER" I had to LMFAO at this retarded argument. Seriously, Halo 3 and CODMW2 = $$$$$$, the companies that make those games couldn't afford to get bad ratings because the people that buys those games rely too much on review scores (Which is why you see them screaming in multiple threads AAA!!!!!!11 AAAa111111111!!!!!!! OMG ITS AAAaaaa111111111) rather than buying the games based on their actual content. Games like Last Guardian, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, ICO, Demon's Soul, Odin's Sphere, etc... are usually bought by well informed gamers (and those that rely on word of mouth), which is why they sell slow, have long legs, and have a niche yet hardcore fanbase. Its userbase doesn't rely on a game being "AAA" which is why you see more honesty in these reviews, both from those that praise the games and those that plain don't get them (i.e. EDGE).

Rampant3217d ago

I played all of them except COD and I would rate them:

Ico: 9
SOTC: 9.5
Halo 3: 10

See how that subjective opinion thing works now ;)

mikeslemonade3217d ago

That's BS because this generation there's more generous reviewers who hand out 10s to every game.

zoks3103217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

This game will be as epic as the Titanic or the Dark Knight movies, and it will only be on the PS3, you know the consoles that houses the best games of this gen outside of sales.

Sales did not earn Sony exclusives VGA's GOTY awards 2 years in a row, it was the quality and the labor of love that Sony devs put in the games.
A Sony exclusive will win GOTY in 2010 again mark my words. If you want to experience "next gen" you get a PS3 and invest in its exclusive titles, if you want to sit and count monies/profit/sales, then go apply for a job as a tax collector and stay out of gaming.

edhe3217d ago

Dreamcast was a good console with great games, didn't sell well, got canned.

There's a lesson to this.

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Obama3217d ago

The sales will probably be 2 million or more, which is excellent for any kind of games. Btw, it just won best trailer from GT. This will be the most epic game in 2010 along with 2010. PS3 exclusives continue to shine in the coming year.

chrisulloa3217d ago

Uncharted 2 hasn't even sold that much, what makes you think this will?

nycredude3217d ago

Uncharted 2 HAS sold 2 million. FYI.

3sq3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Uncharted 2 has sold 2.3 millions.

"what makes you think this will?" Say what? LOL

Major_Tom3217d ago

Always, ALWAYS on the ball.

chrisulloa3217d ago

LOL, I haven't looked on that list in a while. Took them long enough. It was probably that christmas / black friday boost.

baum3217d ago

That's the point, isn't it? Ulloa getting owned left and right, as usual.

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tdrules3217d ago

I know I won't buy it if it doesn't sell 5 million as that means it's not good.

seriously, who cares how much it sells, this game will be INCREDIBLE

Obama3217d ago

I agree. When SOC first came out the sales weren't that good. Nonethelss it's one of the best games ever made in human history. The presentation alone still looks a lot better than a lot of current gen games.

3217d ago
saimcheeda3217d ago

this game will sell around 1.5-2 million but i dont care as long as its a great game, im guessing its gonna get 94+ review scores!

divideby03217d ago

the only sale that counts is MINE...

this game will be epic....developers know that...they know the market...guess what..they are OBVIOUSLY good with it...

move on...

blind-reaper3217d ago

love the random disagrees I see here...