LaRouche Follower Cut Short in Latest Virginia Tech Panel Meeting

The Virginia Tech Review Panel held its third public hearing yesterday at George Mason University in Fairfax.

And, for the third time, a representative of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche stepped up to the podium in an attempt to blame the April 16th massacre on violent video games.

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Diselage4741d ago

They're still going for violent video games in this case. You have got to be kidding me, i thought we were over this whole blame game in this case like the day after it happened.

Rest in peace victims of VT shootings

snoop_dizzle4741d ago

video games will be exploited in this situation when there is no evidence about it causing this.

And as you said Diselage, RIP to the victims.

genericname4741d ago

the kid was picked on for years and went for revenge. horrible tragedy beyond belief but vid games played no role. it was all anger.