Gag Gifts for Christmas 2009

Koku Gamer writes: "There are hundreds of sites offering their perspective on what they think would make an excellent Christmas gift and that is all fine and dandy, but most of these opinions are largely carbon copies with slight variations. Here at Koku Gamer we sometimes try to do things a little different. We have all received bad gifts in the past and hoped that they were a joke so I ask you, what ever happened to the gag gift? Sometimes the gag gift can be just as memorable as the big fancy gift as it can yield a few good laughs at the expense of others. The torture of playing through an awful game can give the gift giver endless pleasure as he watches their friend, the poor bastard, try to endure the gift as to not appear ungracious. The Xbox 360 has a plethora of titles to make the blood of your best friend boil and if you are sick enough, you will enjoy their pain this Christmas. Most of these games from 2009 were critically panned so they can usually be found in the bargain bin for a few ducats."

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mau643217d ago

god those games are terrible.

Ziriux3217d ago

Especially any movie based game like GI Joe.

Saaking3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Giving those games wouldn't be funny, it'd be painful. Especially leisure suit larry. Horrible, horrible game.

cb8103217d ago

yikes... thanks to everyone for not getting me any of these gifts

Pumbli3217d ago

As a Dynasty Warrior fan and a minor Gundam fan I would have loved to get DW: Gundam 2 for Christmas, I loved the 1st one.

Though everything else on that list... No! Please! :P

VladimirK3217d ago

I have to disagree with Risen on that list.

I really love WRPGs, and playing that is just great.
Sure it has bad graphics, but it's really immersive and feels fun to play imo.