GT GOTY Awards 2009: Best Story

Gametrailers continues its Game of the Year awards, next up, best story.

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gaffyh3308d ago

Yet another thing to prove that Uncharted 2 = awesome.

byeGollum3308d ago

Uncharted2 really came and stole everything.. no competition

Nambassa3308d ago

What made the story so great was in the way it was executed.
The pacing throughout the whole game was perfect and the acting and dialogue were superb.

Obama3308d ago

I agree that the story is executed perfectly. Aside from playing the game, it feels like I am watching a A rated movie at the same time.

gaffyh3308d ago

Yep, totally agree with all of you guys. This is the only game where my family actually watched it, because they wanted to know the story. Shows how good it is, as they hate every other game.

Saaking3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

UC2's story was fantastic. There wasn't a single moment where I got bored. One of the best stories ever told in a video game. Has any other game ever sweep so many awards like UC2 has? (I mean, it's winning most of the stuff it's nominated for on the majority of game sites).

Sarcasm3308d ago

I wonder what will be in the Uncharted 2 GOTY edition!

mugoldeneagle033308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

It's award set ups like these that make sense. Kudos to Gamespot and GT for giving the most deserving title the awards, unlike the Spike VGA's which seemed to just spread awards around. You don't see the Academy Awards judges make sure each movie receives an equal amount of Oscars, they give them to whomever deserves them most.

Hopefully next year the VGA's get it right. I'd rather have it slighted towards 1 game and any of the 3 consoles if it's well deserving, than spread out to undeserving titles.

Kevin ButIer3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

It keeps me saying...

"Sh*t, WTF, Hell No, Hell Yes, OMG, Not again, Kill me god, Ufff that was close... God... this is out of control"

badz1493308d ago

I must admit that there's nothing too special about the story in uncharted 2 compared to the more complex story like MGS4 but ND nails it with the execution of the plots and the fact that it is a game and players are engaged closely in progressing the well scripted storyline which I think makes the story so much more engaging! if this is a movie, there may be many of you watching, might not get as excited because there are already lots and lots of movies out there with heavy actions and CGs! ND sure know how to blend the story telling and excellent gameplay into their Uncharted series which made the ok story into a memorable GREAT story! plus with the animation and scripts of the characters which all feel so 'natural', Uncharted gives the players the feel of playing in a movie, not just playing a game! at least that is what I feel.

what we can conclude with Uncharted 2 is; it's not always a really deep and complex story that we need in order to make a great game. a shallow but good story can be made into a great game as long as you know how to execute them brilliantly like Uncharted 2!

SilentNegotiator3308d ago

Someone is apparently hungry for bubbles or being sarcastic.

Anyone with a Vague knowledge of "Bungie"'s posting history knows why.

sikbeta3308d ago


Uncharted 2 FTW!!!

vickers5003307d ago

Sorry, but saying that UC2's story was the best this year isn't much. The stories in games sucked this year. In fact, they've pretty much sucked this generation of consoles. The only ones that I can think of that are any good are Metal Gear Solid 4, BioShock, and Mass Effect.

Commander TK3307d ago

Rachet & Clank and inFamous. U2 has an incredible story, I can now officially say that U2 has the 2nd best story on PS3.

Shepherd 2143307d ago

Not saying the story is bad, but i cant help to think Uncharted is wee bit too much inspired by Indiana Jones.

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Obama3308d ago

GT pretty much gave all awards to PS3 exclusives. Can you say domination?

soljah3308d ago

now we need all those ps3 owners and gamers in general to go out and buy uc2 and support good guys like naughty dog. instead of the 10million gamers buying generic shooter 101(aka cod)

mint royale3308d ago

I thought they were supposed to be xbox fanboys?!

And uncharted 2 has sold fine, in fact brilliant. It hasn't sold at COD levels because it simply doesn't have as many fans. Outside of sites like N4G then you can see the power of the causals in determining sales.

cereal_killa3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

As I said before if Sales determine GOTY the Wii would dominate... It's funny how only fanboys in N4G think that M$ had anything but a terrible year in 2009 and it's pretty much a proving fact even when biased sites have no choice but to choose a PS3 exclusives for GOTY /s orrrrrrrrrrrr maybe it a great game and your to dam blind to see beyond your awesome M$ exclusives that are also on the PC and there SALES.

sikbeta3308d ago

Eh...This Game Is EPIC, so who care about the sales...

Gamers FTW!!!

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Chris Hansen3308d ago

What's that saying? Fortune favours the bold?

knightdarkbox3308d ago

PS3 fanboys suddenly think the PS3 is the best just because Uncharted won game of they think PS3 is the best.

Uncharted 2 is rip-off gears mult and not have Nothing innovative in this game. And everyone loves it for its graphics.

mrv3213308d ago

PS3 owners think PS3 is superior because a PS3 exclusive won NUMEROUS game of the year awards... countless best graphics, best story, and even being called game of the decode.

Well then I'm sorry logic clearly passes you by, may god have mercy on your soul.

'Uncharted 2 is rip-off gears mult and not have Nothing innovative in this game. And everyone loves it for its graphics.'

Uncharted 2 is NOTHING like Gears online, I've played both and I can honestly Uncharted 2 is far greater. We also like it for it's story, gameplay, controls, characters. I honestly can't think of something it does wrong except actually ending.

The Iron Sheik3308d ago

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
Abraham Lincoln

Now think about that the next time you post.

dkgshiz3308d ago

Such a butt hurt bot you are. The PS3 mopped the floor with the wii and 360 this year. It completely dominated this year. LOL UC2 being a Gears rip off. Are you kidding me? Just give up you fuking idiot!

xcox3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

cry moar xb!tch, you're so owned, you amuse me :)

Anorexorcist3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
Abraham Lincoln

Now think about that the next time you post."

Oh he won't. I would wager $5,000 of my own money right now that the idiot box doesn't even know who Abraham Lincoln was (but he certainly knows who Barney The Dinosaur is).

He removed all doubt WAAAY back when!!!

The Iron Sheik3308d ago

He should know who he is by now. His picture is on the $5 bill his mom gives him for school lunch everyday.

Myzer3308d ago

knightdarkbox, you are a complete idiot. You do know that don't you?

ZombieAutopsy3308d ago

and Xbox fanboys think the 360 is the best because of a year head start and 2 franchises selling good. We all know Gears was nothing innovating so i dont know why you feel you need to bring it up. I guess you're just a butthurt bot over Ps3 domination this year, dont worry though you get a new power rangers game next year.

3308d ago
nefertis3307d ago

@knightdarkbox Killswitch say hi to u. Play3beyond

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Akagi3308d ago

Uncharted 2: Among GOTY awards.